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Digital connection for Klimesch to the grocery store

Flowers from Klimesch in different colors: stands for the digital connection of Klimesch with the glocery store

Mother’s Day flowers from the grocery store: EDITEL makes sure Klimesch is digitally connected

Just in time for Mother’s Day on 9 May, Klimesch Group has taken a promising step towards the future. The company has teamed up with the Vienna-based EDI service provider EDITEL to connect to food retailers via EDITEL’s data hub. This allows Klimesch to exchange order data with clients in real time. As a result, fresh handmade bouquets can be provided on a continuous basis. Non-food articles are increasingly popular at grocery stores, which prompted Klimesch to adapt its processes.

Klimesch, a Vienna-based company specialized in flowers and produce with production sites in Burgenland and Hungary, is a leading provider to florists and wholesellers. As a result of closed retail stores, flower sales at food retailers are on the rise, and high demand is expected for Mother’s Day on 9 May. The company sells its handmade bouquets and floral creations under the “Klimesch for Moments” brand.

The digital connection – Klimesch also exchanges invoices with food retailers

“Flowers are considered the epitome of beauty. For them to show all their glory, they need to be 100% fresh and undamaged. Therefore, the swift automated exchange of order data with food retailers, expertly implemented by EDITEL, is key to us. It allows us to always have the required amount of bouquets available,” said Lukas Klimesch, the managing director of Klimesch Group. To leverage all the benefits of process automation, Klimesch not only exchanges order data with retailers, but also invoices.

EDITEL knows retail specifications inside out

“From a technical perspective, what we did was create a digital connection between food retailers and the SAP ERP at Klimesch. In addition to taking care of required data conversion on both sides, we were also in charge of organizational processes with retailers. Since we have been working for retailers for so many years, we are very familiar with the industry’s specific demands,” explained Gerd Marlovits, the CEO of EDITEL. Via its data hub eXite, this company specialized in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), processes more than 400 million transactions per year for more than 20,000 clients in many different industries around the globe.

Gerd Marlovits EDITEL Austria

Mag. Gerd Marlovits
CEO of EDITEL Austria © Editel/Nadja Nemetz

Lukas Klimesch

Lukas Klimesch
Managing Director Klimesch Group © Klimesch Group

Symbolic image copyright Klimesch Group
Portrait photo Gerd Marlovits copyright Editel/Nadja Nemetz
Portrait photo Lukas Klimesch copyright Klimesch Group

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