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e-Invoices to the Government/ÖBB

Issuing e-invoices to ÖBB via ebInterface

Since 1 January 2014, vendors that provide goods or services to federal agencies in Austria must send their invoices electronically in a structured format. By late 2018, provinces, municipalities as well as other institutions and businesses subject to public procurement law must be in a position to accept structured invoices electronically. ÖBB, the Austrian Railways, has become a pioneer in this area.

This summer, ÖBB started encouraging its business partners to eventually send all invoices electronically using the format indicated by the federal government (ebInterface) via the system provided by the Federal Computing Center (BRZ). Businesses that have sent invoices to the federal government in the past meet all requirements and will be ready to invoice ÖBB electronically in just a few steps. Businesses can rely on the trusted e-invoicing services by EDITEL when issuing their invoices to ÖBB – just like they do when working with the federal government.

ÖBB business partners that issue multiple invoices on a regular basis and would like for them to be transferred automatically have many options to choose from, ranging from simple transfer including feedback (EDI Communication) to a previous conversion from the corporate format or a standard EDIFACT interface (EDI Integration). It is safe to assume that this issue will be increasingly relevant for companies that work for public agencies and affiliated businesses. EDITEL is always happy to provide solutions.

Press Release

The press release Issuing e-invoices to ÖBB via ebInterface is also available as a download.

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