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EDI and Nussyy® – it´s all about love

EDI Services for Nussyy: Young woman holds two packets of muesli in her hand

EDI Services for Nussyy®

A lot of love goes into the high-quality organic NUSSYY® products. Recently, Carina Rahimi-Pirngruber, the founder of NUSSYY®, also fell in love with EDI.

It all started in 2016 when food intolerance forced Carina Rahimi-Pirngruber to rethink her diet. Following her initial experiments with nuts and spices in her home kitchen, she soon developed her own product line with the goal of pairing excellent taste with unsurpassed quality: this was how NUSSYY® was created. It is safe to say that this entrepreneur, who is originally from northern Upper Austria, scored a resounding success: as of today, NUSSYY® has more than 45 organic products, ranging from organic bars, organic muesli, organic cookies, and organic crackers to organic ready-made meals. These are exclusively sold at SPAR, INTERSPAR, EUROSPAR and Maximarkt stores.

EAT.CARE.LOVE – this is the principle that guides Carina Rahimi-Pirngruber in her personal life and inspires her products. It is also the name of the project she launched with primatologist Jane Goodall in an effort to promote awareness for the responsible use of resources. Whatever Carina Rahimi-Pirngruber does, she does with love and passion. And that is true even for ”dry“ subjects such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Ms. Rahimi-Pirngruber was first exposed to it when she started expanding her range of products and realized that ”more business documents also mean more work.“ Since this additional workload was going to be unmanageable for a small business in the long run, she needed a solution. Enter EDI, and with it EDITEL.

Within just one month, all orders and invoices at NUSSYY® were switched from the existing BMD system to EDI transactions. ”It was mostly Ms. Rahimi-Pirngruber‘s efficient and targeted approach that allowed us to make things happen so quickly,“ said Christoph Stenech, EDITEL‘s sales director. This praise was promptly reciprocated: ”EDITEL provided excellent assistance from day one, which allowed me to slowly explore the unknown territory of EDI,“ Ms. Rahimi-Pirngruber said. She is also excited about the ”massive time savings associated with this digitization process.“ In addition, Ms. Rahimi-Pirngruber highlighted the fact that ”it is very much in line with the sustainability mindset that underlies all NUSSYY® products.“ The company plans to expand EDI operations to include other business partners, which means that the love story might continue. Always true to the guiding principle: EDI.CARE. LOVE.

 In brief

  • Connection to the eXite service by EDITEL
  • Implementation of electronic orders (ORDERS) and invoices (INVOIC)
  • Digitized processes save time
  • Saves paper and increases sustainability
  • Support and assistance during ongoing operations

About Nussyy®


Since 2017, Carina Rahimi-Pirngruber has been offering a range of high-quality organic products under the brand name NUSSYY®. Available products range from healthy snacks and mueslis to creative cooking ingredients and ready-made meals. They are fully organic and vegan and have no added sugar and palm oil and are lactose-free. NUSSYY® products are exclusively available at SPAR, EUROSPAR, INTERSPAR and Maximarkt stores. In addition, these products support a good cause: as part of the EAT.CARE.LOVE project, a portion of the proceeds from every purchased benefits the Jane Goodall Institute Austria.

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