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EDI brings many benefits for MEINbusiness

Markus Schwarzenbacher & Markus Schnirzer

Innovative restaurant software

In an industry where speed, efficiency, and accuracy are essential, MEINbusiness supports the gastronomy sector. The tool helps restaurateurs implement comprehensive controlling quickly and with minimal effort.

“With MEINbusiness, you no longer work on the result, you work with the result,” says Markus Schwarzenbacher, CEO of MEINbusiness.

But what does that involve? It offers restaurateurs the ability to operate comprehensive controlling without manual effort. Instead of having to struggle through piles of invoices and receipts as in the past, the software provides an overview and supports controlling, recipe management, purchasing and supplier management, accounting, and employee management. Thanks to the advanced business intelligence solution, all data are digitized and analyzed in real time.

Best data quality thanks to EDI

MEINbusiness aims to provide all its clients with the best possible data quality. To do this efficiently, MEINbusiness needs as many suppliers as possible to send EDI data to clients. And this is where EDITEL comes in. EDITEL is a crucial partner during the connection phase. EDITEL has been involved in the entire EDI project from the beginning. During the EDI implementation, the EDITEL team ensured that electronic product master data (PRICAT), orders (ORDERS), despatch advices (DESADV), and invoices (INVOIC) could be exchanged with business partners. Currently, about 50 suppliers are connected via eXite®. The entry into new markets, such as Germany, was facilitated by EDITEL and existing partners. Thus, clients can manage their entire purchasing process – from ordering to despatch advices to invoices – directly through MEINbusiness, even with a large number of gastronomy suppliers.

In brief

  • Implementation of restaurant EDI: PRICAT, ORDERS, DESADV, INVOIC
  • Consultation and support from EDITEL throughout the entire project phase
  • Ongoing conversion of all document types by EDITEL
  • EDI INVOIC archiving + PDF generation / PDF invoice upload
  • GS1 Sync data (communication)

About MEINbusiness

Logo MEINbusinessIn 2014, Markus Schwarzenbacher and Markus Schnirzer teamed up to launch “die Einkaufsberater”. They began offering services to support restaurateurs with their purchasing by negotiating prices with their suppliers. This gave rise to the idea for “Software as a Service” – MEINbusiness. The company has three locations in Austria (Altach, Kirchbichl, and Vienna) and now serves over 750 businesses throughout the DACH region.

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Logo copyright MEINbusiness

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