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EDI Integration for Hoobert Kola

Hoobert-Kola 4 beverage bottles - EDI Intagration for Hoobert

Exploring new paths with traditional formulas

The all-natural “Hoobert” cola beverage is innovating both in terms of taste and logistics. EDI for Hoobert makes the latter happen.

Few people know that “Kola” was produced and sold in pharmacies long before the beverage became popular. Most pharmacists had their own formula for this beverage, which is why Simon Windhager, a Salzburg-based pharmacist, browsed old books and found a formula by someone by the name of “Hubertus.” Mr. Windhager replicated the formula based on the provided instructions, improving the formula along the way. This is how “Hoobert Natur-Kola” was invented.

In its early days, the beverage was a well-kept secret and was only sold on the market in Salzburg. Eventually, Hoobert became widely available at grocery stores including Spar, dm, and Billa Plus. In 2019, the company took the next step towards growth and started Austria-wide distribution in collaboration with Stieglbrauerei.

Logistics processes with Stieglbrauerei required Hoobert to provide electronic delivery orders as EANCOM standard INSDES messages (Instruction to Despatch). To comply with this requirement, Hoobert turned to the long-standing EDI expertise of EDITEL, who worked with all involved partners to coordinate all processes and content.

Eventually, Hoobert also started using the conversion service via EDITEL’s platform eXite to make sure that distribution partners receive their delivery orders both with the correct content and in the adequate format.

Looking back, Martin Heim of the brand owner West Company says: “This was a decisive step for our collaboration with Stieglbrauerei and it also opened up new paths and opportunities for ‘Hoobert,’ especially when it comes to nationwide distribution.”

In brief

  • Austria-wide distribution in collaboration with partners
  • Implementation of electronic delivery orders (INSDES)
  • Connection of “Hoobert Natur-Kola” to EDITEL’s eXite service
  • EDI integration provided as a managed service via EDITEL Outsourcing

About Hoobert Kola

Hoobert Das Natur-Kola Logo

Created by Simon Windhager, the director of Raphael pharmacy in Salzburg, based on a recipe from an old pharmacy book, this all-natural cola drink has been on the market since 2016. All ingredients are sold at pharmacies and are subject to higher quality criteria than those required for organic product certification. This cola beverage is made of natural fruit and herb extracts and based on spring water from Hohe Tauern mountains and also contains 25% less sugar than traditional lemonades. In 2015, Simon Windhager and his business partner Taro Ebihara incorporated West Company GmbH for the distribution of “Hoobert Natur-Kola.”

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