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EDI Nelson

Car branded with the logo of the company Nelson. Nelson ltd. uses e-invoicing via EDI from EDITEL.

Significant cost reduction with PDF e-invoices

Based in Székesfehérvár, the leading car rental company Nelson ltd. offers long-term car rental services. Around 90% of the company’s clients are SMEs. Given this background, the introduction of PDF invoices via EDI was an obvious choice, as it would simplify the invoicing process and save time and resources. “According to our calculations, postal and storage expenses associated with traditional paper-based invoices are twice as high as for e-invoices, which means that we will be saving millions of HUF every year,” said Peter Farkas, explaining the advantages of e-invoices.

The invoicing service, also known as PKI, provides solutions to companies that issue large numbers of invoices, mostly to smaller businesses. It does not require small companies to invest in technology because their invoices will be sent to their clients via e-mail in PDF format. With the help of a secure link, the invoice can be downloaded directly from an online server, and it includes the date and an electronic signature. “In order to survive in a competitive market, we need to increase our efficiency on a continuous basis. Some of our competitors are still using paper invoices, even though most clients clearly prefer e-invoicing,” said Mr. Farkas on the need of introducing e-invoicing.

Nelson ltd. started using e-invoicing (PKI) with 200 partners, and the goal is to reach a 90% e-invoicing share in the near future. Mr. Farkas emphasized that EDITEL ltd. is part of this project as a professional, highly flexible and expert partner. He also highlighted that “once a company has reached a certain size, it needs a service provider that can provide customized solutions to fit its needs. We believe that EDITEL meets and exceeds these expectations.”

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