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Efficient EDI processes at Austria Email

Technician checks boiler - efficient EDI processes at Austria Email

Use of EDI for energy-efficient quality products at Austria Email

Austria Email is an expert for storage and heating technology for whom efficiency is key. This is also true when it comes to streamlining order processes.

Products produced by Austria Email for more than 165 years in its own enamel facility and using a special formula stand out for their high quality, service, and energy efficiency. To make that happen, all underlying processes need to be as effective as possible. This is why Austria Email has been relying on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) since 2016. According to Manfred Kopp, IT manager at Austria Email, the goal of introducing EDI was to “strengthen our relationship with large long-standing clients while minimizing the workload for our employees.”

Electronic intgration of INVOIC, ORDERS, ORDRSP, DESADV

What started with the introduction of electronic invoices (INVOIC) was gradually expanded over the years to include order processing in the sales system, namely the electronic integration of orders (ORDERS) and order confirmations delivered as purchase responses orders (ORDRSP). The EDI process came full cycle with the introduction of electronic despatch advices in 2020.

At Austria Email, it is plain to see that the use of EDI pays off: as a supplier to many wholesalers and industrial clients with more than 400 types of water heaters, process complexity is high. According to Manfred Kopp, the use of EDI has clearly yielded results: “Since we no longer have to enter orders manually, we save a lot of time and money. We can now send out order confirmations and despatch advices at a click of the mouse.” Mr. Kopp also said that the project was implemented within the desired timeframe and that working with EDITEL was “a very pleasant experience.”


About Austria Email

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The Austrian company Austria Email with its headquarters and production facility in Knittelfeld has been producing energy-efficient quality products for more than 165 years. The company’s range of products for use in renovated buildings and in new buildings includes storage tanks and storage insulation as well as gas boilers and heat pumps, which run the gamut from used water heat pumps and pool heat pumps to geothermal heat pumps and air source heat pumps. The latter can be used for air and water heating as well as air cooling. Austria Email is the Austrian market leader, expands on an ongoing basis, and is part of the family-owned international Groupe Atlantic that has worldwide business activities.

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