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eXite data hub on a Christmas mission

Santa's helpers-Chiristmas-and-EDI. eXite data hub on a Christmas mission.

Santa Claus – EDITEL’s oldest client

Numerous renowned retailers and manufacturers from Austria and abroad have trusted EDITEL for decades. But there is something very few people know: Santa Claus has relied on the internationally active EDI service provider for centuries. This article is for anyone who has ever wondered how the bearded man from up north makes a true logistics feat happen each and every year. One of Santa’s helpers has broken his vow of silence for an exclusive interview with EDITEL.

Santa Claus is busier than ever. As true believers in technical progress, Santa Claus and his helpers decided to use eXite data hub centuries ago. Even back then, getting wish lists to their destination swiftly and reliably was key. Today, these heavenly creatures also use different translation tools to translate wish lists received from little earthlings in numerous languages and all kinds of handwriting into the correct heavenly format. This “angelic” format has effectively become the standard.

Santa Claus believes in the eXite data hub

Santa’s workload includes delivering gifts to people young and old, and the same is true for reindeer food, work clothes for Santa’s helpers and, of course, tinsel. Luckily, the boss can always rely on eXite data hub. Any delivery hiccup would result in children crying under the Christmas tree and helpless parents. This just cannot happen and the long-standing partnership between Santa Claus and EDITEL makes sure that it will not.

Even complaints about allegedly incorrect gifts can be addressed quickly thanks to the online wish list tracking feature available in the eXite cockpit. And in the eternal eXite archive, Santa Claus would even be able to find the Three Wise Men’s wishes, but that is a different story. And if there are any other pending questions, the eXite support team is available 24/7, even on Christmas Eve.

Sleigh troubles? Not an issue anymore!

A few centuries ago, Santa Claus had a small hiccup: one of the runners of his sleigh broke. This resulted in a huge mix-up involving many packages. Back then, he was very relieved that he had previously introduced the ingenious GS1 numbering system, which is also part of the holiday season team. Bar codes, GTIN, SSCC, and other little helpers on the packages made sure that the sleigh was reloaded within minutes and millions of gifts were delivered just-in-time.

EDITEL’s support team is in touch with the Christmas logistics experts on a constant basis. Whenever one of Santa’s helpers loses track of things or forgets his “magic formula,” the support team springs into action and helps the hard-working helper do his job.

eXite dashboard on a Christmas mission

When Santa Claus himself called, everybody got really excited. On his eXite dashboard, he had seen an unusual wish list increase that left him puzzled and he was wondering if there was a mistake. The EDITEL support team took immediate action and saw that a (ex-) president from overseas had sent all his tweets to heaven. Santa Claus was very relieved that this mistake got sorted out. However, it remains unclear what happened to the presidential thoughts. Either way, he gave a big thanks to EDITEL’s support team and promised that Christmas would be wonderful.

If you or your helpers would like to take your supply chain to a heavenly level, just talk to our Santa’s helper Edi or another colleague at EDITEL.

Happy holidays!


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Santa’s helper Edi
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