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Making B2B processes more transparent

Smart exchange

The 2015 Smarter Data Interchange Forum, organized by EDITEL CZ in cooperation with IBM on March 17, was all about reducing complexity and making B2B processes more transparent. Jan Mvrik, managing director of EDITEL CZ, reflects on the event: “B2B process integration is a major issue for our clients. This forum has been created to serve as a platform to discuss all related aspects from a business and a technological point of view. This allows participants to exchange information and ideas with us as well as with each other, in an effort of making complex internal and external processes more transparent and ultimately more efficient.” This forum is expected to become a yearly event, which should attract participants from different industries to network and exchange information.

Participants at the 2015 Smarter Data Interchange Forum attend presentations about B2B Integration and communication by experts of EDITEL and IBM.

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