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Paperless invoices at the click of the mouse

There are many advantages of sen­ding invoices electronically even beyond the to-be-expected business advantages. Electronic invoices also contribute to environmental protection. This is why GS1 Austria has been sen­ding the majority of its invoices via e-mail for quite some time.

Until recently, the invoice was sent to the ad­dressee as a PDF e-mail attachment. However, this included the risk that in­voices might not reach their destinati­on for a variety of reasons, including invalid e-mail addresses, limited stora­ge space of inboxes or a restrictive fi­rewall.

To bypass this risk, GS1 Austria has been using a new service since the be­ginning of this year, relying on the eXi­te service by EDITEL. This solution sends invoices as PDF files directly from the ERP system to the eXite por­tal. Then, an e-mail is sent to the ad­dressee that includes an online link to the invoice. This saves storage space on the client’s side and also offers GS1 a straightforward monitoring tool that allows the company to see when and by whom an invoice has been acces­sed.

“This allows us to proactively ma­nage the invoicing process. In addition, clients no longer have to deal with unnecessary payment reminders,” said David Farar, head of finance, accoun­ting and HR, who is very pleased with this solution. The CEO of GS1, Gregor Herzog, is also positive that this “is yet another important step at GS1 Austria towards digitalization, which translates into a high degree of transparency in the invoicing process.”

In Brief

  • GS1 Austria relies on eXite PDF e-Invoice for sending invoices electronically
  • No more attachments needed; instead, a direct link sent via e-mail takes clients to the invoice
  • Invoice traceability
  • Straightforward monitoring and management of the invoicing process
  • Audit-proof archiving
  • No unnecessary payment reminders to clients
  • Easy implementation

About GS1 Austria

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GS1 Austria provides a globally un­equivocal identification system for locations, articles, shipping units etc. The GS1 system is the basis for the electronic exchange of busi­ness data and the standardization of messages and business transac­tions among companies.

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