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Henkel CEE

The company

Henkel Central Eastern Europe (CEE) with headquarters in Vienna is one of the most successful brand manufacturers in Central- and Eastern Europe. It is responsible for 32 countries in Central und Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. In 2012 the company realized a revenue of 2,880 billion Euro with about 9.500 employees.

The challenge

Along with the internationalization of Henkel CEE in Central- and Eastern Europe and the increase of ordering data volume Henkel decided for the use of electronic data interchange at a very early stage. The challenge was to create an efficient and lean infrastructure which could ensure the centralized coordination of several processes within the electronic data exchange. At the same time compliance with local requirements needed to be secured.

Henkel is using eXite® Business Integration Network successfully for more than 20 years. Due to the consistent expansion of the eXite® partner network over the last years we are able to exchange high quality data with all our partners.

Wolfgang Reiter, CIO

The solution

With only one connection to the eXite® Business Integration Network Henkel reaches all business partners in the CEE region and is easily able to connect also further partners to the network. Without additional local IT-infrastructures compliance with all regional requirements is thus secured. The technical coordination of the data transfer is located in the Henkel headquarters in Vienna. Data runs automatically into the company ERP-system and needs to be edited only in case of error. This safes additional costs and manual labor.

The outcome

HENKEL Österreich uses the eXite® Business Integration Network of EDITEL for more than 20 years now. With the platform the company could increase significantly the process-efficiency along the supply chain as well as the number of connected business partners especially in the CEE region.

In short: EDI at Henkel

EDITEL Partner Network