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Strength Lies in collaboration

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The digital partner

The speed and success with which an EDI project is implemented often depends on the quality of collaboration between EDI and software service providers. When the chemistry is right, the client also benefits.

“It takes both sides to build a bridge” is a quote by the Indonesian author Fredrik Nael, which is frequently used in both project management and couples therapy. Gerd Marlovits, CEO of EDITEL Austria, knows how much this statement holds true in the EDI sector, especially when it comes to handling a project with different partners: “In an increasingly complex world, not everyone can cover everything. For a successful project conclusion, it is essential that each individual can bring their strengths and core competencies to the table. This is precisely what we see as our role as digital bridge-builders,” he said.

Benefiting from each other’s expertise

The focus is on optimizing cross-company B2B processes. To achieve this, IT systems (ERP systems) must ultimately be capable of exchanging business data smoothly via EDI. As companies do not all operate in the same way, a “one-size-fits-all” approach will not lead to the desired outcome. Instead, it is the customer-specific expertise from the ERP and EDI service providers that makes the difference. When a client needs B2B/EDI process automation—for example, due to increasing document volumes or new requirements from their trade partners—it’s crucial to pool this expertise. The closer the collaboration between ERP and EDI service providers, the more efficiently a project can be managed, taking into account each client’s specific needs.

Everybody wins

“Close collaboration and shared experience with the ERP partner are crucial for the successful implementation of a project. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved,” says Andrea Kraft, Business Development Manager at EDITEL Austria, who experiences this in practice every day. In her opinion, the most promising factors are “the clear division of tasks from the start between both service providers and having the same contact person for the client on both sides throughout the project—this ensures quality and avoids unnecessary friction.” This pragmatic approach, along with countless jointly implemented projects, has helped EDITEL build trusting partnerships with numerous software providers over the years: “The chemistry is just right, which ultimately has a significant impact on customer satisfaction,” says Ms. Kraft. This just goes to show that building a bridge is the fast track to reaching a goal.

Good teamwork matters and clients benefit

Werner Griesser, who has been in the business for over 35 years with his Klagenfurt-based software company, “Griesser EDV“, knows all about the importance of good interplay between EDI and software service providers: “Especially our clients from the SME sector highly value personal and customized service. This, of course, presupposes a good connection between the collaborating service providers,” he explained. Mr. Griesser also cites “clearly defining responsibilities so that the client isn’t passed back and forth” as a crucial prerequisite. “This ultimately also leads to shorter processing times,” he said. The reason why his software company, which operates throughout Austria, frequently refers its clients to EDITEL for all things EDI, according to Mr. Griesser, “is not only because of their comprehensive expertise but also thanks to their overall cost efficiency. Any unpleasant surprise in this area would just be unacceptable for our SME clients.”

Teamwork in practice

Recent examples include two projects that Mr. Griesser and EDITEL recently implemented together. One such project was with Gebrüder Tertsche KG, a Klagenfurt-based, well-established company specializing in refrigeration technology, primarily serving the hospitality and hotel industry. A notable business partner of Gebrüder Tertsche KG is the HOGAST Group, a purchasing cooperative for the hotel and catering industry. The suggestion to handle the invoicing process via EDI (INVOIC) in the future was readily accepted, and Griesser EDV, along with EDITEL, was tasked with the implementation. After a successful testing phase, the project was completed as scheduled last September, to the client’s full satisfaction. “I initially thought all of this would be much more difficult. Thanks to the good collaboration between Griesser and EDITEL, we didn’t have to worry about a thing,” said Klaus Peter Kronlechner, managing director of Gebrüder Tertsche KG.

This successful collaboration formula was also recently applied by Griesser and EDITEL at the company New Systems, which markets sustainable hygiene products under the brand “Selenacare“. This demonstrates that a good partnership works across industries. Specifically, the EDI connection to dm drogerie markt Germany (ORDERS and INVOIC) was implemented.

Andrea Kraft explains why this project was also quickly and successfully completed: “Thanks to the well-established processes between Griesser and EDITEL, where everyone knew exactly what to do and what was expected from the partner, it was almost routine, and we delivered everything as a team in just a few weeks.”

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