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Useful and topical information available on EDITEL’s EDI Blog!

Word game "EDI-TEL" Tips for the new EDI-Blog of EDITEL

Starting immediately, the new EDI Blog by EDITEL will provide highly topical and useful information about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for beginners and advanced users alike. Among other things, EDI experts will explain how supply chains can be optimized using sophisticated technology and expertise and how you can increase efficiency to save money.

Tips and insight from EDI experts

What makes an EDI service provider stand out in the B2B field? Satisfied clients, positive testimonials from them and recommendations are definitely part of the success story of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). In addition, many clients say that clear and straightforward information from their potential EDI service provider is key when it comes to choosing their EDI provider. This is why our EDI Blog will be providing useful and practical tips and insight as well as comprehensive background information about all things EDI. In addition, our EDI experts will be answering questions in this blog and their answers straight from everyday EDI practice should be helpful and allow for easy to implement solutions with high user benefit.

Supply chain optimization

“Reliable information is key to any successful endeavor,” explorer Christoph Columbus said more than 500 years ago. When it comes to optimizing the supply chain, we as information logistics experts first and foremost gravitate towards professionalizing and automating information flows via EDI. Enjoy reading this blog, which will help you delve into the world of Electronic Data Interchange of business documents with our EDI experts. It will continuously provide useful information about all things EDI.

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EDITEL, an EDI service provider, is the internationally leading provider of EDI solutions (EDI = Electronic Data Interchange). The company specializes in the optimization of supply chain processes for companies of all sizes and in all industries.

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