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Web EDI for SMEs is the backbone of business growth

Hand operates the power button to start the digital processes for example with Web-EDI for SMEs

Web EDI is much more than a solution for a great start into the use of EDI.

It is also the perfect backbone of business growth, both when it comes to collaboration with new and existing business partners and the technical infrastructure.

At EDITEL CZ, we are pleased to see that our clients expand and grow their business activities. EDITEL’s services ultimately play a considerable role in this development. Our services and our support always keep up with clients’ changing needs and requirements. One case in point: in recent years, out of 600 Web EDI users across many industries, dozens have switched to fully automated EDI solutions.

Web EDI for SMEs

Web EDI is the perfect choice for small and medium-sized (SMEs) businesses that would like to take the first step towards the electronic exchange of business documents. However, as their business grows, the number of partners and message types increases, or changes to their ERP system are made, Web EDI users oftentimes “outgrow” this service. This is when they usually transition to a fully automated EDI solution that is truly in line with a company’s specific needs. For their integration solution, most clients choose either our managed EDI service as an outsourcing option (submIT) or our in-house solution (edisuITe) is incorporated into the client’s existing IT infrastructure. It is a great choice if ample in-house resources are available.

Below are some of EDITEL CZ’s clients who recently successfully switched from Web EDI to an automated EDI solution:

  • Malewo Havířov: a well-established business specializing in baby articles for the Czech market.
  • AGORA DMT: a company with a wide range of services for manufacturers and suppliers in the field of consumer electronics, mobile and smart home technology, etc.
  • OVUS-podnik živočišné výroby: a Czech farm with 40 years’ experience in the production of high-quality chicken eggs.
  • TOP LIGHT: a leading manufacturer and importer of indoor and outdoor lighting on the European market. The driver behind the transition was an increasing amount of EDI communication processes at this company and new technical requirements by its international business partners.

EDITEL CZ is proud of helping many companies successfully grow their business. Our clients value our wide range of services, their quality, and availability.

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