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Web-EDI to Cloud

9 thumbs up for the swich from web EDI to an outsourced solution at "emil", a spirits manufacturer.

More clients with less effort

For small companies and start-ups that want to exchange documents via EDI with just a few business partners, Web EDI is a great and inexpensive choice. However, after some time, it pays off to review the set-up: has the number of EDI business partners grown? Are there high transaction numbers even if there are few business partners? Or have specific requirements (e.g. for deliveries abroad or complex despatch advices) become more demanding?

In case of an increasing number of business transactions, Karl Cegner, Head of Consulting & Project Delivery at EDITEL, recommends “to definitely perform an analysis to see if an integrated EDI solution would make things easier and save resources.” According to Mr. Cegner, “oftentimes, even if there are just a few business partners, the costs for an employee who has to do manual data entry might be considerably higher than switching to an integrated EDI solution.”

To Mr. Cegner, another important advantage in the fact that clients no longer have to handle different pieces of software and online access data, which allows them to focus on their core business. “emil,“ a spirit manufacturer based in Lower Austria, is about to switch from web EDI to an outsourced solution. Managing director Emil Stegmüller explains: “The reason for that is simple. At the beginning, we were very happy with the web EDI solution and we would probably still be happy with it today. However, recently, the number of orders has increased, which takes too much time when entering them in the web EDI system. With the new solution, we can send invoices to our clients at the click of a mouse. This allows us to focus more on customer service instead of dedicating resources to this administrative task. It was merely a practical decision. The expense will probably pay for itself quite quickly.”

Advantages of an EDI cloud solution

  • Automated core processes
  • Receive, send and transform data via a single exchange channel
  • Clients can focus on their core business because EDITEL takes care of technical and legal processes
  • A single dedicated import/export interface for all business partners, independently of the formats they use
  • No more manual work needed
  • Reduces error potential
  • Additional electronic (tamper-proof) archiving is available
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