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Automotive EDI systems at MONO-Ipolyfabric Kft.

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Sleek interiors and the tech behind them

In the automotive industry, using EDI systems is now par for the course. With this technology, companies can supercharge their automation, sharpening accuracy and sidestepping those all-too-common human mistakes and communication hiccups.

Using universal data exchange formats like ODETTE, VDA, ANSI X.12, and EDIFACT, businesses can easily partner up no matter where they’re based. MONO-Ipolyfabric Kft.’s factory in Ipolytölgyes is famous for its top-tier automotive design elements. But what’s driving this outward finesse? What tech wizardry brings these intricate touches to life, even if they’re often out of sight? Let’s take a peek behind the curtain.

Gauss Számítástechinkai Kft., an IT company headquartered in Vác, pulls the digital strings at MONO. They’re at the helm of everything tech for MONO-Ipolyfabric Kft., from access systems and ERP systems to EDI operations and the entire IT infrastructure.

The project

Initially, setting up EDI links was only needed for major partners like Audi and Porsche. Fast forward to today, and it’s a must-have for pretty much everyone in the car game. When starting a new project, partners drop a line to MONO-Ipolyfabric Kft.’s tech team about their EDI needs. With a helping hand from the team at Gauss Kft., they then weave this message format into their in-house ERP system. As the EDI service provider, EDITEL then establishes the connection with the partner.

Usually, partners send DELFOR and DELJIT messages in either EDIFACT or VDA dress code. In response, they receive DESADV messages tailored to the project’s workflow or the VDA and ANSI X.12 equivalents. The type of messages exchanged can vary, depending on the partners’ needs and project specifications. This system seamlessly integrates into all partners’ tech and business operations, leveraging the strengths of each message type.

Right now, we have EDI connections with over 10 OEMs and top-tier car suppliers, and that number is on an upward curve. The triad of MONO-Ipolyfabric Kft., Gauss Informatikai Kft., and EDITEL consistently seek to evolve and keep the EDI systems in tip-top shape, catering to the latest demands.

“Our experience with EDITEL? A smooth ride all the way. Their team has been solid gold. Staying in the loop throughout the whole EDI setup journey is usually key,” says Zsolt Patrik Furák, senior developer at Gauss Kft.

About MONO-Ipolyfabric Kft.

Logo of MonoA proud member of the renowned MONO Group, MONO-Ipolyfabric Kft. crafts cutting-edge, top-shelf vehicle accessories for the who’s who of the car world. For over thirty years, MONO has been designing decorative masterpieces for the world’s premier car brands, with names like Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini on their roster.

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