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Pumpkin seed oil producer Lugitsch relies on EDI

Kernoel Lugitsch

Smooth as silk …

that’s how operations run at Lugitsch, a Styrian pumpkin seed oil producer. And it’s not just thanks to their multiple award-winning oil but also because of Electronic Data Interchange, which was recently introduced to streamline processes.

The corporate history of Rudolf Lugitsch KG dates back to 1909. From day one, the production of high-quality pumpkin seed oil was at the top of the company’s agenda. As the “green gold of Styria,” as pumpkin seed oil is often lovingly called, continues to gain popularity among gourmets, the company has seen corresponding growth over the years. According to managing director Christian Lugitsch, this growth has been possible “because we have always focused on evolving our business without forgetting time-honored traditions yet pairing them with cutting-edge technology.” Another important cornerstone in the corporate philosophy of the Styrian flagship company is, according to Mr. Lugitsch, “cultivating our long-standing partnerships and business relationships and catering to individual needs.” This approach prompted Lugitsch’s decision to integrate a comprehensive EDI solution for their partnership with METRO as of this year.

The result: simple and seamless!

Now, at Lugitsch, all incoming orders as well as outgoing despatch advices and invoices from METRO are fully automated within the internal ERP system. For Christian Lugitsch, the solution has proven to be “especially straightforward and efficient since we no longer need manual entry, leading to fewer errors.” EDITEL supported Lugitsch throughout the entire process. This involved establishing all the technical requirements for a smoothly functioning EDI connection and carrying out the necessary preliminary coordination with METRO.

Mr. Lugitsch found EDITEL’s implementation of the project to be “extremely smooth thanks to the excellent collaboration!” After a brief testing phase, EDI operations with METRO are now indeed running “smooth as silk,” prompting Christian Lugitsch to “explore the introduction of EDI with other clients as well.”

In brief

  • EDI integration into the Future Factory ERP system
  • Connection of METRO via the EDI platform eXite®
  • Data conversion: In-house to EDIFACT format
  • Project management: Ongoing coordination with METRO
  • Used message types: ORDERS, DESADV, INVOIC
  • Assistance and support by EDITEL during the entire project cycle

About Rudolf Lugitsch KG

Rudolf Lugitsch KGThe company, founded in 1909 in Feldbach, Styria, as an agricultural milling operation, processes pumpkin seeds using traditional methods to produce high-quality oils. These oils have all the relevant quality certifications, such as the Austria Bio Guarantee and the Demeter Certification, and have received multiple awards, including from Gault&Millau. Sustainability is also a top priority at Rudolf Lugitsch KG: over 50% of the electricity used for production comes from a photovoltaic system.

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