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Lupe mit Ausschnitt Business Monitoring Tool bei Billa

Business Monitoring at BILLA Czech Republic

Thousands of orders are placed at Czech BILLA stores each and every day to ensure the availability of the wide selection clients have grown accustomed to. In an effort to have even better control of all order and delivery processes, BILLA Czech Republic relies on the Business Monitoring solution by EDITEL. It allows the Prague-based headquarters to monitor all electronic orders as well as matching despatch advices for all stores connected to the system. Pavel Moša, director of IT at BILLA Czech Republic, explains the advantages inherent to the Business Monitoring solution:

Thanks to this solution, we have drastically improved order processing efficiency at our stores. Among many other things, we have the option of checking the quantity indicated on orders and deliveries against each other. This allows us to identify any irregularities sooner than ever before and helps us avoid them in the future. Ultimately, this improved our collaboration with our suppliers.

Pavel Moša, director of IT at BILLA Czech Republic

All analyses are based on data exchanged via eXite®, the EDI platform by EDITEL. Tomas Adámek, an EDI expert at EDITEL, elaborates:

Now that BILLA has added the Business Monitoring module to their existing EDI infrastructure, they have taken the transparency of order and delivery processes to the next level. And it goes without saying that this solution is also a great choice for monitoring electronic invoicing processes. We always customize our solutions to our clients’ needs and we can expand the existing infrastructure as needed.

Tomas Adámek, EDI expert, EDITEL

Benefits thanks to EDI at BILLA Czech Republic

  • Centralized control of order processes at local stores
  • Allows users to spot irregularities between orders and deliveries
  • Active notification for workflow
  • Online access
  • Creation of customized reports
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