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EDI for legal documents


Managing legal documents can be quite a challenge. The Hungarian start-up iLex rose to the challenge and develops customized e-business solutions for the efficient management of legal workflows. Since it takes knowledgeable experts to efficiently manage contracts, expert opinions, correspondence and other legal documents within a company and between subsidiaries, iLex relies on the EDI experts at EDITEL. The founder of iLex and its managing director Marianna Ritter addresses the many advantages of this decision:

Thanks to the collaboration with EDITEL, we are now in a position to offer our clients an even higher degree of automation for iLex processes. This ultimately means that all documents are transferred electronically and safely to the corresponding business partner in real time and can then be processed by them.

Marianna Ritter, Founder and managing director of iLex

Sensitive data presupposes a high degree of transfer safety. The data exchange platform eXite® fits this purpose like a glove, and the same is true for the safe archiving solution by EDITEL for long-term storage. Legally relevant documents can be accessed and downloaded anytime via the EY-approved digital archive using an online access portal. This allows companies to manage all their legal business processes, both internal and external, in a transparent and fully automated manner that also meets all compliance requirements. Tibor Šata, managing director at EDITEL Hungary, also sees great potential in this collaboration:

We are very excited to team up with iLex with the goal of supporting legal business processes with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This successful project once again underscores the major EDI optimization potential even beyond the area of procurement of goods.

Tibor Šata, managing director at EDITEL Hungary

Benefits of EDI supported iLex services:

  • Integrated use of the iLex solution with EDI services by EDITEL
    • EDI Communication
    • Digital Archiving (EY-approved)
  • Automated, standardized exchange, integration and archiving of legal documents, records, correspondence, etc.
  • Maximum safety standards for Lex clients when transmitting and archiving sensitive data
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