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Delia EDI

DELIA is a growing retail food network with a focus on fresh products. The company is managed by people with many years of in-depth experience in retail chains. Stores are located mainly in high-income or highly frequented areas. DELIA also benefits from the currently emerging trend of combining the sale of fresh food with other services, for example, gas stations in cooperation with LUKOIL. DELIAʼs strategy consists in going beyond the traditional services offered at grocery stores and adding services typically provided at cafés.

As part of this hybrid concept, it strives to maintain high quality, use a minimum of storage space and also, as one of the few companies on the Slovak market, to deliver food directly to customers via an online portal. This special situation prompted DELIA to look for a strategic partner for swift, efficient and reliable data exchange with its suppliers. Given the many EDI benefits offered by EDITEL, it was an easy decision for DELIA to start using EDI solutions by EDITEL.

During an initial analysis of Delia’s supplier structure, EDITEL found that more than 80% of DELIA’s clients already use EDI communication. This considerably accelerated the entire implementation process. More than anything, it is the deployment of EDI that speeds up, simplifies and streamlines the receipt of goods from suppliers. Another benefit is that invoices are processed faster and better by the accounting system.

The pilot partners for the project launch were PEPSI-COLA SR and Heineken Slovakia. Currently, DELIA uses the EDI messages ORDERS and INVOIC and is planning on expanding the system to include local and international business partners. Concurrently, additional modifications to the ERP system are being made to allow for the use of additional EDI messages. By the end of 2019, DELIA plans to have all its main suppliers connected to the system.


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