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Coop Jednota EDI

Sophisticated Electronic Archive Introduced at COOP Jednota Galanta

Founded in 1845, COOP Jednota Slovakia is the longest-standing and largest domestic retail chain in Slovakia. COOP Jednota consists of consumer cooperatives that engage in business activities. One of the group’s most successful members is COOP Jednota Galanta, which runs a total of 72 stores.

EDITEL has been a supplier of EDI solutions for the entire COOP Jednota Group for ten years. EDI solutions provided by EDITEL ensure the transmission and processing of ten types of different EDI messages, such as orders, despatch advices, receiving advices, returns, invoices and invoice processing notifications. COOP Jednota Galanta decided to be the first entity in the COOP Jednota group to improve its EDI solution and add documents not directly related to EDI to the electronic archiving solution. The first phase of the project was all about replacing the previous EDI solution.

For this purpose, EDITEL provided a sophisticated and powerful Digital Archiving system that covers all archiving needs. All electronically archived documents can be processed via a single system that makes sure documents are tamper-proof and audit-proof, allows for the validation of archived data by third parties and includes a convenient and efficient interface for users who work with these documents. Currently, both EDI documents and electronic PDF invoices are being archived. Other archived documents include accounting records, bank account statements and catering invoices.

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