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EDI Now Active on the Danube

The company Slovenská plavba a prístavy a.s. (SPaP a.s. – Slovak Shipping and Ports) is a leading player in the field of transportation, transshipment and warehousing, freight forwarding, repairs and construction and reconstruction of vessels in the Slovak Republic.

It provides logistics services for moving goods on the Danube and on the entire network of European waterways between the North and the Black Sea. SPaP a.s., with its sophisticated technological equipment, high-quality services and professional staff, has an attractive geographic and logistics position for all things transshipment and transport of goods.

The automotive industry is a highly developed and strong sector of the Slovak economy. Leading suppliers of semi-finished and basic raw materials needed for the production of cars rely on SPaP’s outstanding services. SPaP’s active involvement in existing automotive supply chains was the starting point for the launch of a new automation project. ArcelorMittal supplies semi-finished steel products to PSA Group in Trnava, a major car manufacturer, and was chosen for the pilot project. In this project, SPaP acts as a consignment warehouse for ArcelorMittal, which periodically delivers its products to PSA Trnava.

The goal of the project was to automate the process of exchanging business documents and especially logistics messages between ArcelorMittal, the supplier, and PSA Trnava, the client. The project included the introduction of electronic communication between SPaP and ArcelorMittal at the inventory level via a constant exchange of messages which provides updated inventory information to both parties. Based on PSA ́s queries (DELJIT messages), ArcelorMittal can make direct deliveries to the manufacturer’s site via SPaP without any problems or unplanned outages.

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