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EDITEL CZ celebrates its 25-year anniversary

This year, EDITEL CZ is celebrating an important milestone: a quarter century of activities on the Czech market. Since its establishment, EDITEL CZ has evolved into a market leader in the field of electronic document interchange and is a respected and recognized partner that embodies responsibility, reliability and high professional service standards.

EDITEL CZ, an international company established in the Czech Republic, was founded in 1994 as a business specialized in EDI communication. Its initial focus was mostly on the banking sector. One of the largest commercial banks in the country, ČSOB, has been using EDITEL’s services from the beginning and remains one of EDITEL‘s major clients. At that time, sophisticated retail business boomed and the use of EDI was also expanded. Makro was among the first retail and wholesale chains to use EDI across the board. This wholesaler has been a client of EDITEL CZ since 1998.

The company has established itself in many industries, including FMCG, banking, food, petrochemicals, logistics, automotive and others. It offers solutions for every sector, both for large companies and for SMEs. EDITEL CZ was acquired by GS1 Austria Group in 2007 and the Slovakian subsidiary was established that same year. In 2008, the new company –EDITEL Austria– was created from the operational unit dedicated to EDI at GS1 Austria. The company became a 100% owner of EDITEL CZ. EDITEL’s main activities include electronic invoicing, electronic exchange and archiving of business documents, B2B integration and automation of business processes for both domestic and international companies.

The prestigious Czech IT magazine Computerworld gave an award to EDITEL’s solution for electronic archiving, monitoring and business case evaluation in 2014 as well as for the upgraded webEDI solution in 2015. The early days of the webEDI predecessor go back to 2001. In 2018, EDITEL CZ won the prestigious CZECH STABILITY AWARD with the highest AAA EXCELENT rating and was included among the 100 most stable Czech companies in the Czech Republic.

The company successfully entered the automotive sector in 2017. EDITEL CZ designed and implemented a central EDI solution and webEDI portal for TPCA based in Kolín, Czech Republic. The change to a new EDI provider took the car factory’s success and development to the next level. In 2018, EDITEL CZ launched a new strategic cooperation with Factoring České spořitelny focusing on e-factoring. Thanks to its international dimension, direct representations in Austria (where EDITEL Group is based), Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia as well as its many franchise partners in other European countries, EDITEL is an ideal business partner for international companies.

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