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Delitzscher: Hitting the sweet spot

chocolate maker

A sweet EDI project

The products by German chocolate maker Delitzscher certainly hit the sweet spot, and its newly introduced EDI processes are just as sweet.

Have you ever heard of “Halloren chocolates”? They were considered the “people’s chocolate of the German Democratic Republic.” Filled with delicious cream and covered in tasty chocolate, they soon attracted a Germany-wide cult following after the country’s reunification. These chocolates are just one of many signature products by Delitzscher Schokoladenfabrik. In addition, Delitzscher primarily produces a large variety of chocolate-based products for retailers and industrial manufacturers. For its business transactions with its partners, Delitzscher has been using EDI for many years, even though, as Angela Waßmuth, the deputy in-house sales director and SAP officer at Delitzscher, put it: “The old EDI solution was showing its age and was giving us plenty of headaches.”

Happy EDI client

Luckily, this is no longer the case. Delitzscher first heard about EDITEL during the company’s collaboration with ADEG Austria and the EDI connection that was needed for it. Earlier this year, the chocolate maker entrusted EDITEL with the entire transition and onboarding process with ADEG and REWE. The client was very happy with the result. Especially the “professional and personalized approach used by EDITEL during the entire project,” said Angela Waßmuth. She found the “weekly meetings and periodic coordination prior to the project” particularly helpful.

“This allowed us to identify any potential challenges early on,” Ms. Waßmuth explained and went on to say that the next logical step is for EDITEL to handle any future EDI connections at Delitzscher: “After all, whenever there is an issue, EDITEL’s response times are unparalleled. This level of personal assistance is worth so much more than any ticketing system,” she said. It sure looks like EDITEL has hit the sweet spot.

Halloren KugelnIn brief

  • EDI process coordination, transition, and onboarding with ADEG Austria
  • Integration into the corporate SAP system
  • Used message types: ORDERS, DESADV, INVOIC
  • Assistance and technical support by EDITEL during the entire project cycle
  • Mapping and onboarding support for additional trading partners

About Delitzscher Schokoladenfabrik GmbH

Delitzscher Schokoladenfabrik

Established in 1894 and named after the company’s headquarters in Germany, Delitzscher Schokoladenfabrik corporate history dates back more than 100 years. An expert in all things chocolate and confectionery, the company has a long-standing corporate tradition and focuses on the business areas of private labels, co-manufacturing, and corporate brands. In addition to a selected portfolio of in-house brands, Delitzscher primarily produces high-quality products for retailers and industrial manufacturers.


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