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EDITEL as an employer: Digital connections are our business

EDITEL as an employer - your career at EDITEL

Meet the company: EDITEL

We are a leading international provider of EDI solutions (EDI, also known as Electronic Data Interchange). The company specializes in the optimization of supply chain processes for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Working at EDITEL comes with many perks.

By connecting companies digitally, EDITEL offers exciting career opportunities at the crossroads of technology and creativity. “Connecting people and businesses is our core business.” This is how Gerd Marlovits, EDITEL’s CEO, describes the company. “Whether it’s with clients, suppliers, or other service providers, we see ourselves as a company that builds digital bridges between companies while offering maximum quality and ease of use. All this independently of a company’s size, its industry, or focus.”

We serve many different industries, ranging from retail/FMCG to hospitality, logistics and fashion to healthcare/pharmaceutics, banking and automotive. The company’s client portfolio reflects this mix and includes REWE, SPAR, HENKEL, Coca-Cola Hellenic to Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences, to name just a few.

EDI: a technology for those who think outside the box

The objective of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is to reach the highest possible degree of process automation by introducing integrated business transactions. This sounds 100% technical, doesn’t it? And yet, there is much more to it than that! Connecting highly diverse businesses and industries presupposes customized solutions, a high degree of creativity as well the ability to “think outside the box.” All of the above are also key when it comes to refining the technology of EDI itself. Gerd Marlovits strives to take EDI to the next level and to offer new services that build on EDI.

A crisis-proof employer

With its tried-and-trusted technology that has been continuously refined over the past 40 years, EDITEL meets its clients’ needs with pinpoint accuracy, e.g., by making sure that sufficient quantities of essential products are on the shelves of grocery stores at all times. Especially in times of crisis, it is comforting to know that there is a trusted service provider and an equally solid technology to rely on. Jobs at EDITEL are also very crisis-proof because, as Gerd Marlovits put it: “While we believe in our sophisticated technology, we also fully believe in our employees who work hard every day to keep this technology up and running.”

Advantages of working at EDITEL

In addition to an exciting and varied working environment, employees of EDITEL enjoy the following benefits: flexible working hours and telecommuting, performance-oriented bonuses, customized CPD opportunities and other social benefits. And if you ever feel like chatting in a language other than your own, you will find plenty of opportunities to do that. Our team members hail from many different countries, including Hungary, Poland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Vietnam, Mongolia, Iran, and India and look forward to talking to you.

Please visit EDITEL Jobs to learn more about your possible career at EDITEL and our current open positions.

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