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EDI implementation at INGLOT

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Launch of EDI communication

INGLOT is a Polish cosmetics manufacturer with a wide range of cosmetics available all over the world. Since 2019, the company has been successfully using EDI communication implemented by EDITEL Polska S.A..

In 2019, INGLOT started working with EDITEL Polska S.A. in an effort to implement electronic data interchange to allow for communication with its business partners. The client’s increasing expansion into foreign markets made this move quite necessary. INGLOT products can be seen more and more frequently in numerous drugstores and retail chains in Poland and abroad. Larger business partners require standardized files and efficient communication and ultimately see EDI as a key of business development tool. The joint project included the following activities: launching EDI communication, especially in the field of foreign connections, integration with the ERP system through the use of Connector 3.0, and implementation of the translation maps service. How exactly was the implementation done?

Translation maps

The process began with the integration of EDI with the ERP system. The fact that a reputable cosmetics manufacturer was using a proprietary file format turned out to be quite a challenge. This required adjusting to the client’s environment and developing appropriate translation maps. Simply put, electronic data interchange translation maps allow files to be automatically converted from an A format to a B format. As a result, the transfer of documents from recipient to recipient and vice versa is seamless, and converted files are accepted by both parties’ systems. The EDI operator is also responsible for document validation, i.e., the technical verification of sent messages. As a systems supplier and EDI operator, EDITEL completed and implemented translation maps for Polish and foreign clients of INGLOT for all defined types of messages. This makes the exchange of documents in appropriate formats smooth, quick, and  disruption-free.

ERP and Connector 3.0 integration

For electronic data interchange between INGLOT and its business partners, the Connector 3.0 app is used. The app enables data transfer between entities. In other words, communication mechanisms are implemented with any business partner, regardless of what EDI system they employ and what communication channels and message formats are used. Importantly, the Connector app is in no way “tied” to the INGLOT system. This is crucially important for the security of confidential data or risk of hacking attacks. And most significantly – the EDITEL app allows INGLOT employees and its business partners to work using their own IT systems. There is no need to implement new solutions or learn anything. The entire process is completely effortless for administration, accounting, logistics, and sales team.


In summary, the  following benefits were achieved: meeting requirements of business partners, optimization of the production process, cost reduction, shortening of shipping and order processing time, elimination of the risk of errors, and guaranteed data processing security. During several years of collaboration, no problems in the field of EDI communication have occurred. The project is continuously developed, and currently focuses on the brand’s local audiences.


InglotOne of the most popular Polish cosmetic brands, INGLOT was established in 1983 in Przemyśl. The company  bears the name of its founder – Wojciech Inglot. Currently, makeup enthusiasts can find INGLOT products in nearly 90 countries and over 800 locations worldwide – from London’s Oxford Street and Times Square in New York to the Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas. The brand pairs modern technology and research with intense colours. The INGLOT portfolio includes products known to have revolutionized the approach to makeup, such as the unique Duraline or one of the world’s favorite gel eyeliners. The brand is on the PETA list of cruelty-free companies. Vegan products, certified by the internationally recognized organization V-Label, make up over 60 percent of its product range.

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