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The right packaging is the key

Verpackungsspezialist Weihs

Wrapped in style!

As a long-established and experienced Viennese wholesaler, Weihs GmbH u Co KG not only provides an extensive selection of gift wrappings, napkins, and christening accessories, but also makes sure that these products reach their clients as needed. EDI makes it happen.

Not only in the holiday season, visually appealing and carefully selected packaging is the be-all and end-all. This is not only true for gifts that go under the tree: the table for festive family dinners should also be nicely decorated. Everything you need – from high-quality wrapping paper to festive napkins – is available from Weihs GmbH u Co KG, a traditional Viennese company that has been in business for more than 70 years and whose entire product range is all about regional quality and sustainability.

“Christmas alone is actually no longer the main season for us,” Mr. Michael Wejrowsky, the managing director at Weihs, explained. “Today, people want a beautifully set table all year round, whether it is for a barbecue or Sunday lunch,” he said.

The company’s growth over the years reflects just that. In addition to stationery stores, Weihs also supplies large retail chains such as the furniture company mömax and Bellaflora. To manage the steady flow of goods with these two companies, Weihs has been using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for several years. This is done via a solution by EDITEL that integrates directly into the ERP system from the company’s system provider Winfo Data, allowing for the fully automated exchange of orders, invoices, and despatch advices.

EDI makes work easier

What started out as just a technical change to accommodate its clients’ needs turned out to be a highly efficient investment for Weihs. “EDI makes things so much easier for us! Among others, it is great to come into the office in the morning and to know that all orders have automatically arrived in the system.” Mr. Wejrowsky knows that this is no small feat because Weihs serves a large customer base, ranging from tiny tobacconists to large specialized retailers.

“Our sales representatives manually transmit orders after their client meetings and then enter them into the system when they are back in the office. This process is time-consuming, and the manual entry naturally has some potential for error.” This is one reason why Mr. Wejrowsky would like to advance the use of EDI among the company’s other clients. For that, he plans to continue relying on EDITEL’s expertise: “The team at EDITEL is always highly professional and has seemingly endless patience. Working with them has been a great experience!” This goes to show that nowadays, great products need to be paired with an appropriate and functioning ERP system that also covers all handling processes.

In brief

  • Implementation of an EDI solution that integrates into the in-house ERP system Winfo Data
  • Onboarding support for trading partners mömax and Bellaflora
  • Used message types: ORDERS, DESADV, INVOIC
  • Assistance and technical support by EDITEL during the entire project cycle

About Weihs GmbH u Co KG

Verpackungen WeihsWeihs GmbH u Co KG, located in Vienna’s 23rd district, is always in touch with the latest trends, believes in sustainable quality, and offers more than 70 years of industry-specific expertise. At Weihs, things revolve around gifts, from gift wrapping to lovingly set tables. The extensive product selection also includes accessories for babies and christenings. As a production company, Weihs is also your partner of choice for premium print products and finishing.



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