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Optimised processes at Amber Beverage

Ambitious Minds Bring Excellent Results

Taking integration to the next level

Making order and invoice processing faster than ever – this is the ambitious goal that the Tyrolean beverage distributor Amber Beverage Austria had set for itself. They achieved it by introducing an integrated EDI solution.

Ambitious Minds Bring Excellent Results: this is the sentence behind the acronym “Amber”, the brand name of the “Amber Beverage Group“. It is an international spirits distributor and manufacturer whose products can be found in millions of homes around the world. Their Austrian subsidiary, Amber Beverage Austria GmbH, also lives and breathes this “ambitious” brand message. And this is not only true when it comes to selling their products such as the premium vodka Three Sixty, the well-known amaretto Disaronno, and the peach liqueur Peachtree: the company, which is based in Ebbs, Tyrol, is also highly ambitious when it comes to the ongoing optimization of its internal processes. For instance, according to Tobias Pirchmoser, who is responsible for customer service at Amber Beverage Austria, last year the company set the goal of “making order and invoice processing faster than ever.”

The company achieved this by switching from the previously used Web EDI solution to an EDI solution that integrates directly into the company’s own ERP system. According to Mr. Pirchmoser, “the timing was perfect, as this also went hand in hand with the introduction of a new ERP system at our company”. The project was thus implemented quickly and smoothly, “which is certainly also a result of the good collaboration between all involved parties, which include EDITEL, our software partner, as well as our IT department in Latvia.”

Smooth procedure

According to project manager Stefan Bednarik, the biggest challenge for EDITEL was probably “to ensure that the retail partners affected by this transition did not notice anything and to ensure that all processes went smoothly at all times. We made this happen with the help of detailed data analyses and numerous tests. The client too is very pleased with the result: “Both orders and invoices can now be processed, picked, and shipped to our customers faster than ever. In addition, mistakes are minimized or even completely eliminated,” said Tobias Pirchmoser. This goes to show that Amber Beverage Austria not only sets highly ambitious goals, but also does a great job at reaching them.

In brief

  • Switching from a Web EDI solution to a fully integrated EDI solution
  • EDI connection to retail partners REWE, Transgourmet, and METRO
  • Used message types: ORDERS, INVOIC
  • Ongoing data evaluation and testing to ensure smooth business operations
  • Assistance and technical support by EDITEL during the entire project cycle

About Amber Beverage Austria

Amber Beverage Austria

Founded in 2004, Amber Beverage Austria (formerly Mountain Spirits) has been part of the international spirits distributor and manufacturer “Amber Beverage Group” since 2020. The product portfolio of the company based in Ebbs, Tyrol, includes THREE Sixty Vodka, Licor 43, Disaronno, Badel Pelinkovac, Peachtree, Warsteiner, Gaudimax and the Italian lemonade Lemon Soda.



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