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Felber switches to EDI cloud solution

For almost 60 years, the name Felber has been synonymous with Viennese baking tradition. To this day, Felber continues to use artisanal baking methods. And yet Felber has a very modern and innovative side, especially when it comes to IT. In addition to server and desktop visua­lizations, Felber has been using Elec­tronic Data Interchange for more than 12 years.

Since 2010, the company has been relying on the EDI services provided by EDITEL. Felber exchan­ges orders (ORDERS), despatch advices (DESADV) and invoices (INVOIC) with both food retailers and restaurants. Felber’s IT director, Michael Eckert, said:

“EDI really ta­kes a lot of work off our order service. It even allows us to process special orders such as a single oversized roll!” To Mr. Eckert, the biggest plus for clients is that “they can use their own software for the order process and aren’t tied to predetermined orde­ring schedules.”

Felber is taking yet another innovative approach by switching from its local (in-house) EDI system to a cloud so­lution by EDITEL. This translates into several advantages: updates to different customer formats no longer have to be implemented in the local solution and the latest technology is available at all times. Any errors that may occur are handled by the external partner EDITEL. Also, additional ma­naged services by EDITEL can easily be implemented, including archiving, validation or monitoring services.

Michael Eckert is very pleased with the EDITEL collaboration: “All I have to do is put the client in contact with EDITEL, we briefly talk about the client’s specific needs and then things just work,” he said.

While Fel­ber bakery will continue to make its traditional bread products from scratch, its EDI solutions remain in the trusted hands of EDITEL, especi­ally now that they are in the cloud.

In Brief

  • Electronic data interchange with food retailers and restaurants
  • Upcoming: EDI integration (cloud solution by EDITEL)
  • Updates no longer have to be implemented on the local converter
  • Always relies on the latest technolo­gy
  • Troubleshooting is handled directly by EDITEL
  • Easy implementation of additional managed services
  • No need to implement additional EDI software
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