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EDI Invoices for Roche Diagnostics


The challenge

As a supplier to many government agencies including military hospitals, Roche Diagnostics has, since 1 January 2014, been required to issue electronic invoices in the pre-defined ebInterface format to the government. For the implementation of this new federal regulation, Roche Diagnostics wanted to find a solution that could be integrated seamlessly into the existing SAP environment without the need for additional interfaces.

With its expertise in all things SAP and its thorough understanding of the federal government’s requirements, EDITEL made the implementation of this project a breeze. We are very happy with this experience, the level of professionalism of the EDITEL team and, more than anything, with the result! Ernst Linschinger, Senior Project Manager

The solution

The e-Invoice solution by EDITEL fit these requirements like a glove. As a first step, EDITEL analyzed Roche’s SAP environment and checked it against the requirements defined by the federal government, in an effort to ensure that the Roche in-house data format was correctly adapted. Subsequently, the solution was implemented, tested and integrated into the federal government’s test system. The last step was the go live.

The result

Almost 100 percent of all electronic invoices transferred to the federal government were accepted as correct. This ultimately meant that Roche Diagnostics successfully implemented the e-invoicing project to the federal government without the need for additional interfaces and with still no more than a single connection to eXite®. Thanks to the close collaboration and coordination between EDITEL and Roche Diagnostics during all phases of the project, it was implemented swiftly and efficiently.

Benefits thanks to EDI at Roche Diagnostics

  • Swift and efficient compliance with the federal government’s requirements
  • Automated data exchange via the EDI platform eXite®
  • Still no more than one SAP interface needed for all participating partners
  • Status notifications sent directly to the departments in charge
  • Process-related assistance provided by EDITEL during all phases of the project

About Roche Diagnostics

In Austria, Roche is among the leading providers of pharmaceutical drugs and products for in-vitro diagnostics. It has a staff of approximately 400 and operates two independent companies in Vienna (sales locations Pharma and Diagnostics). Roche is the undisputed Austrian leader in the hospital market, the cancer drug market as well as the overall in-vitro diagnostics market. In 2007, Roche celebrated its 100 years of business in Austria.

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