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Everything at a glance at METRO

An EDI user from day one

METRO Austria is one of the local pioneers in this area as it has intensively been relying on EDI technology for more than 25 years. As one of the first members of the “eXite® User Club” established in 1986, METRO played a decisive role when it came to defining new processes and perfecting existing ones for the entire Austrian retail market. Without exception, METRO exchanges all logistics-related information via eXite®, the EDI platform by EDITEL. In 2016, METRO exchanged approximately 1.4 million EDI documents with a total of 763 suppliers. In addition to exchanging transaction data for traditional procurement of goods processes, METRO also relies on eXite® to exchange master data related to the EU food information regulation via a connec-tion to GS1 Sync.

The EDI monitoring solution by EDITEL helps us take the quality of our procurement of goods processes to the next level. We are now in a position to clearly identify any potential for optimization and to subsequently address the issue from an EDI perspective in collaboration with our partners. Florian Thoma, Supply Chain Planning Partner at Metro Austria.

Electronic invoicing pioneer

METRO Austria has always believed in the advantages of e-invoices. With a total coverage rate of 90%, METRO is one of the electronic invoicing pioneers in Austria. METRO relies on a customized e-invoicing solution by EDITEL, which allows for a fully automated invoicing process, from the creation of EDI invoices to their safe transfer via eXite® all the way to legally compliant archiving.

Everything at a glance

At METRO, the challenges related to orders and deliveries are, first and foremost, the large range of goods and the resulting high number of suppliers. Another challenge is maintaining a detailed overview of ongoing EDI processes. This is why METRO Austria recently introduced an EDI monitoring solution which makes order and delivery processes more transparent.

Benefits thanks to EDI at METRO

  • Secure and highly available EDI network
  • A single interface for all business partners
  • Connecting international and national partners is easy
  • E-invoicing allows the company to optimize the entire invoicing process now and in the future
  • Business monitoring increases transparency regarding order and delivery processes
  • Ongoing support and assistance by EDITEL

About METRO Group Wholesale and Food Specialist Co.

METRO Group Wholesale and Food Specialist Co. runs twelve large stores in Austria on a total store surface of 139,000m² with a staff of approximately 1,900 full-time employees and more than 100 apprentices. Since METRO believes in providing a large range of goods, it offers more than 48,000 food and non-food articles. In Austria, more than 500,000 customers have trusted METRO’s range of goods and services for more than 45 years. METRO operates a total of roughly 750 self-service wholesale stores in 25 countries.

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