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EDI solutions for Kompan


EDI solutions for fitness and fun

While the company Kompan installs its own playground and fitness equipment in 30 countries, it entrusts carefully selected high quality agents and partners with this task in other countries. On average, a new playground or fitness area is set up every 44 minutes.

Exercise and fresh air are natural partners

The urbanization of the 1970s entailed, among others, an increase in the number of children attending kindergartens. This went hand in hand with efforts to develop children‘s basic skills and physical, social, cognitive, and creative abilities. Therefore, KOMPAN decided to build a team of children‘s experts – the KOMPAN Play Institute – whose goal was to develop products for children‘s development. Abstract product lines, such as Moments Story Makers, encourage children to explore the world of imagination while facilitating role play and fostering social skills.

Effective logistics is unthinkable without EDI

When designing, building, and assembling playgrounds for children, effective communication with the business partners who ensure the transportation of the equipment to the exact location is key. “Currently, we use software for EDI communication that we have installed and operate in our own infrastructure. The software is no longer supported or updated and does not run on the latest operating systems. Which is why we needed to transfer EDI communication to an external provider,” says Tomáš Zich, Production ERP Manager at KOMPAN Czech Republic s.r.o. As a result, Mr. Zich turned to EDITEL for assistance. Among other things, the new software enables the creation of specific EDI messages IFTMIN (transport instructions) and IFTMCS (confirmation of transport instructions), which are transmitted to the logistics company. Ultimately, the main task was to ensure this existing exchange of business documents that simplifies and accelerates the supplier-customer relationship was replaced by a new, modern, and less complex EDI solution.

“Nowadays, there is no need to maintain and develop such software on your own when you work with EDITEL as a partner,” says business consultant Jan Kouba. “In this case, the eXite PRO platform is a full-fledged EDI solution offered as a service with minimal requirements regarding the client‘s infrastructure,” he added. “To address the needs of KOMPAN Czech Republic s.r.o., we ultimately found a medium-sized solution to be the best choice, offering the necessary range of functions and more than sufficient performance for a large distribution node at an attractive price,” Viktor Petráš, Director of Sales and Marketing at EDITEL, explained. Currently, the partners exchange about 10,000 messages per month, but the proposed solution can be easily scaled and expanded to include other business documents such as despatch advices or invoices. “Next time you walk by a children‘s playground, remember that it could have been made a reality with the help of an EDI solution from EDITEL,” says business consultant Jan Kouba.

About company

Kompan_logoKompan company is a world leader in the production of outdoor playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment. The name “Kompan” is Danish and means companion or lifelong friend (similar to Kumpán in Czech). Playgrounds are closely linked to every child‘s development. The KOMPAN Fitness Institute works with universities to develop products that have a positive impact on physical health. At the public level, a healthier community makes more economic and environmental sense. Kompan‘s family business and partnerships with top executives enable the company to make the best long-term decisions for visitors, clients, partners, and employees, and most importantly, to look out for and promote the welfare of children.

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