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Smart office and smart solutions at Ravak Hungary

Ravak bathroom: the company strengthens its innovative approach by creating a smart office

Intelligent document management at a smart office

We have all heard about modern offices equipped with sensors and smart devices, where the blinds work automatically or the air conditioning activates itself. But what does it actually mean to work in such an office and what are the priorities for an environmentally conscious and modern company? RAVAK Hungary gives us a glimpse into everyday work at one of these “smart offices.”

Maximum convenience

As you enter the building, you are in for the first surprise: there are no light switches. Instead, automatic lighting, presence (not motion) sensors and brightness sensors ensure that energy is used as efficiently as possible. For added convenience, there are automatic blinds that are controlled using data from the weather station located on the roof and the sunlight intensity.

In summer, the blinds are lowered when there is less light to keep the building cool. In winter, whenever there is more light, the heat of the sun is let in to reduce heating costs. Great care is taken to ensure that the monitors and projectors are clearly visible.

In addition, intelligent loudspeakers have been installed in the offices in case employees want to listen to music, as the company is committed to creating a pleasant working environment.

Digitalization for document management

Digitalization is key for everyday business at RAVAK Hungary . This is not only true for offices equipped with smart devices, but also for supply chain processes.

For years, the company has been using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to receive orders and send despatch advices and invoices. Despach advices are sent with digital signatures, so that only one copy needs to be printed for the client, as most of the company’s partners still prefer a paper-based solution.

RAVAK Hungary started working with EDITEL Hungary in July 2020, when they company switched to a new ERP provider and existing EDI processes (invoice receipt and order dispatch) were taken over by EDITEL and extended to include the sending of despatch advices.

“The transition, together with the implementation of the ERP system, was very fast and smooth, and our specification for the system to process the NAV XML format was met,” said IT manager Áron Karvaly, describing his experience.

The company currently continues to use EDI services with its partners, which include wholesale HVAC chains and home improvement stores. In addition, talks about including potential partners are underway.

About RAVAK Hungary

Ravak Logo

RAVAK Hungary was established in 1999 as a subsidiary of the Czech RAVAK AG (one of the largest manufacturers of bathroom equipment in Central Europe). All products produced by the company meet the strictest standards and quality criteria. The company produces its products at several plants. Cast mineral shower trays and sinks are manufactured in Szeged, Hungary, the bathroom furniture and ceramic products come from a plant in Poland, and the shower cabins and bathtubs are produced in the Czech Republic.

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