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HORECA: efficient EPR system with an integrated EDI connection

Seamless communication via an integrated EDI connection

Everyday challenges related to procurement of goods for F&B managers, catering services and hotel executives include working with correct article master data, receiving deliveries as needed, accomplishing efficient production planning, to name just a few. To make these processes as efficient as possible while relying on as few systems as possible, effective interfaces between ERP systems and the EDI platform are key.

EDITEL, an expert EDI provider, and the software company Delegate have been collaborating for many years to ensure seamless communication between their solutions. This has translated into comprehensive Delegate software solutions that cover the entire process chain from purchasing to production planning. EDITEL, for its part, complements this system with its EDI service eXite® that allows for transparent business data exchange with clients, manufacturers and suppliers in real time.

Via the integrated interface with eXite®, all business partners can connect using a single dedicated connection. In addition, all business information will be automatically processed in the Delegate system. All information will be up to date at all times, which gives hospitality businesses an excellent overview of all procurement of goods processes. In case of any discrepancies, they can quickly react to the given situation. This helps avoid incorrect deliveries as well as time-consuming manual work and inaccuracies during data entry.


Integrated EDI interface for fast and seamless EDI connection.


Goods procurement processes in HORECA can be made more efficient with smart EDI automation. (® Wavebreak, iStockphoto.com)

About Delegate


Delegate Group is one of the world’s market leaders in software solutions, services and consulting for F&B companies serving the food service, catering and healthcare industries. Modular solutions by Delegate support the entire process chain, ranging from purchasing to recipe management, menu and production planning and financial reporting all the way to the registration of patient and patron menu requests at hospital and retirement homes. More than 4,000 clients in more than 120 countries around the world rely on our proprietary software solutions every day.

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