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The EDI Experience

More than 1,000 customers dine and drink at the in-house bars and restaurants of “T.U.R.M. ErlebnisCity Oranienburg,” a Germany-based sports and leisure facility on any given day. This volume creates significant complexities when it comes to ERP, especially since the company’s system still requires a lot of paper and HR resources. In an effort to support and improve these traditionally resource-intensive processes, T.U.R.M. ErlebnisCity Oranienburg has opted to try the EDI experience and will take care of all relevant procurement of goods processes via Electronic Data Interchange. The goal is to reduce errors in the future while saving both time and money. Preparations for this big undertaking are in full swing. Relying on assistance by EDITEL, all article master data, order, despatch advices and invoices will be exchanged automatically by January 2017.

I expect to see process reduction and acceleration in all areas thanks to the use of EDI. Erik Pommerening, purchasing manager

About T.U.R.M.

Logo T.U.R.M. ErlebnisCity Oranienburg mit Slogan Mehr als ein Erlebnis


Its 1,300 m² adventure waterpark, water slides and wave pools, a spacious sauna area as well as many bars and restaurants make T.U.R.M. ErlebnisCity the largest sports and leisure facility in the Berlin and Brandenburg area.

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