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Quality packaging with the help of EDI

Kvalitetna ambalaža uz pomoć EDI-ja

EDI solutions in Model Group

The Model packaging company revolves around all things packaging and is part of the Model Group corporation based in Switzerland.

The Model Group is a fourth-generation family business managed by Daniel and Elisabeth Model. The company is active in various locations throughout Europe and has more than 4,600 employees in all major markets: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Croatia. All subsidiaries have been structured to allow them to focus on processes, have their own sales and development teams, and a high degree of decision-marking autonomy. The company turned to EDITEL to improve business processes and increase efficiency. EDI transactions with clients have now been introduced. As a first step, e-invoices and the e-archive for the Slovenian client Gorenje d.d. were activated. Other clients will follow soon. With an EDI solution integrated into the users’ own ERP system, they will achieve maximum efficiency in the supply chain. This frees up valuable resources, especially for growing companies, which they can use to focus on their core business in the future.

Benefits of EDI integration:

  • Automated flow of information
  • No manual data entry
  • Reliable processing thanks to high data quality
  • Increased efficiency in all areas
  • Interface for eXite®, the EDI platform by EDITEL
  • Integrated e-invoice service
  • Audit-proof digital archiving
  • Business monitoring
  • 24/7 support services by EDITEL

EDITEL offers a wide range of EDI solutions that facilitate the seamless integration of B2B processes. Depending on our clients’ needs, our integration solutions are available as managed EDI services (submIT, outsourcing option) or as an internal solution (edisuITe).

EDI has been designed to achieve the highest possible degree of process automation through integrated data exchange while avoiding physical and paper-based business transactions.

About Model Group

Model_logoModel Group develops, manufactures, and supplies smart, innovative, and high-quality packaging and display solutions made of solid and corrugated cardboard. Model Group employs around 4,600 people in 15 European locations. Otto Model started producing industrial cardboard in the 1930s. In the US, he bought a round screening machine that was used to produce cardboard products. In the 1950s, the demand for corrugated board increased thanks to its low weight and stability compared to other packaging and transport materials. The company also specializes in the production of corrugated board. In 1991, Daniel Model joined the company and took the opportunity to take over a factory in the Czech Republic, which was the first step towards internationalization. Today, manual paper manufacturing is done only at selected stages in the production chain. Instead of individual sheets, the company focuses on the industrial production of paper on large rolls.

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