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Subsidies for digitalization are available

Subsidies for digitalization - saving money, investing, growing

We are digitalization experts for supply chain processes

EDITEL is your expert partner when it comes to sustainable digitalization processes in the supply chain. The digitalization of business processes is more in demand than ever and so are straightforward solutions.

At EDITEL, we examine internal processes and optimize the client’s processes while also familiarizing ourselves with their business partners’ processes. Regardless of whether it is a large corporation, SME, or a startup. Whether the goal is end-to-end automation or merely a connection to a business partner, EDITEL always offers customized solutions. Be it a simple connection via Web EDI or the migration from Web EDI to an integrated EDI solution. Another option is EDI integration, which is a great choice for companies that plan to update their ERP system to include EDI processes. The digitalization of processes saves time, money, and human resources. Above all, sustainable process optimization is a priority at every company.

Sustainable means, among other things, that there will be no more paper documents. Thanks to EDI service provider EDITEL, countless companies are permanently connected to their business partners via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The number of converts to the climate-friendly EDI trend is growing. EDITEL’s client base includes an increasing number of “green companies” that have tapped into the benefits of EDI for their sustainability strategy. Our EDI experts have excellent industry and market-specific expertise as well as in-depth knowledge about the digitalization of supply chain processes.

51 euro of savings per purchase-2-pay process

However, the financial component is still a weighty argument in all things process automation: according to international calculations, by switching to Electronic Data Interchange, up to 51 euro can be saved in a single purchase-2-pay process, which includes issuing the order, despatch advice, and payment notification. This means that EDI is not only good for the environment, but also for the bottom line.

This might allow businesses to implement necessary adaptations sooner than expected, such as switching from Web EDI to an integrated solution or making more processes electronic. Depending on the scope of the EDI project, it is “important to see it in the context of additional digitalization options, e.g., digital archiving or additional modules in die ERP system. In that case, given the overall costs, companies are usually eligible for subsidies.” In addition to subsidies available nationwide, regional subsidies exist. However, available funds might already have been paid out or the program might have expired. But it still pays off to look into these regional subsidies because new funds might be added.

Currently available subsidies:

KMU DIGITAL – this is the digitalization subsidy program for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Austria.

Austrian Economic Chamber Upper Austria –Subsidies for digitalization

ecoplus –Subsidies for corporate digitalization efforts

FFG –Information and communication technologies

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