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Saving energy in the hotel industry

Recently, Harald Bruckner, managing director at Hotel Neue Post in Zell am See, extended the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) at his business to include energy efficiency. Thanks to the collaboration between EDITEL and the Austrian Association of Energy Providers (EDA), all Austrian energy providers are connected to the EDI platform eXite®. This allows Hotel Neue Post to receive all relevant consumption data from its energy provider, Salzburg AG, in a fully automated fashion via eXite®, to determine exactly how much power has been used and to optimize consumption as needed. In addition, incoming invoices are digitized. For Hotel Neue Post, this opens up an enormous potential for future energy-saving actions.

For more than five years, all ERP processes at Hotel Neue Post have been carried out via EDI communication. Article master data, orders, despatch advices and invoices are automatically exchanged via the EDI platform eXite® by EDITEL. In past years, this has considerably improved the purchasing process and reduced administrative workload. This makes the hotel one of the trailblazers in the Austrian hotel industry. The hotel’s managing director, Harald Bruckner, and his pronounced affinity for EDI were a driving force behind the introduction and implementation of EDI.

In brief

  • Hotel Neue Post receives all power bills and consumption data via eXite®
  • Uses the EDI platform eXite®, which was already in use for procurement of goods purposes
  • EDITEL provides the connection to the data network of the Austrian Association of Energy Providers
  • Optimized processes thanks to electronic invoices
  • Excellent tool for measuring and optimizing energy consumption
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