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Zanini and EDITEL to intensify collaboration

Wheel Trims

EDITEL steps up collaboration with one of the world’s largest hubcap manufacturers

Zanini manufactures roughly 90 million hubcaps per year, supplying almost all car manufacturers in the world. To manage this feat of logistics, the family-owned group relies on EDITEL, an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) expert, at its production site in the Czech city of Kadaň. Both companies now want to step up their collaboration in the area of digital automotive supply chain.

Zanini has successfully been doing business a niche since 1965. The company manufactures radiator grilles, brand emblems, trim strips, and hubcaps on three continents in a total of nine countries. As of today, every fourth hubcap sold worldwide was produced in one of the factories operated by the Spanish family-owned group. The company is a supplier to almost all carmakers in the world. Michal Drozdík, IT manager at Zanini in the Czech Republic, comments on the use of EDI: “Each and every day, we process an extremely large amount of information, which is why we need to avoid any unnecessary data entry. After all, any manual intervention always represents a potential source of error. Therefore, a strong partnership for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is key for us.”

At the ODETTE conference in Prague, where the international automotive industry meets, Mr. Drozdík explained how his business partners’ EDI specifications vary: “Some of our business partners use Web EDI solutions, while others communicate via VAN connections, and yet others choose to integrate EDI solutions into their ERP system.“ Overall, Zanini exchanges EDI messages with roughly 20 business partners, using approximately 60 different EDI message types, including electronic delivery forecasts, delivery call-offs, and invoices.

Making EDI systems compatible

Zanini CZ has been collaborating with the international EDI service provider EDITEL for all things Electronic Data Interchange for many years. The information flow between Zanini and carmakers (Toyota, Audi, Skoda, BMW, Mercedes, Seat, VW, and other major players) is already fully automated and runs through EDITEL. In order to handle logistics processes more efficiently with presuppliers as well, the Czech company intends to step up its collaboration with EDITEL.

EDITEL’s CEO Gerd Marlovits also sees significant potential for taking business relations to the next level: “Zanini, with its many customers around the world, exemplifies the great benefits EDI has brought to the automotive industry,” he said. Given the current dynamics in the automotive sector, these two partner companies believe they are well equipped for the exciting tasks ahead. Product cycles in the automotive industry are shorter than ever and the shift towards e-mobility means that ever-new generations of vehicles need to be integrated into existing production structures. As a result, partners have to be connected to the supply chain on an ongoing basis. EDITEL has many years of international expertise doing just that. “Together with Zanini, we want to actively shape emerging and complex ecosystems. At the same time, ensuring the extremely high reliability of Electronic Data Interchange is a top priority for us,” Mr. Marlovits emphasized.

Communication at the push of a button

EDITEL has been a leading international EDI service provider for more than 40 years and has extensive industry-specific expertise. Zanini was one of the companies to recognize the benefits of EDI at an early stage. It gradually switched to Electronic Data Interchange starting as early as April 2013. Since then, the company has received more than 420,000 delivery call-offs, sent nearly 60,000 electronic despatch advices, and exchanged nearly 10,000 e-invoices with clients.

The press release “EDITEL steps up collaboration with one of the world’s largest hubcap manufacturers” and accompanying images are also available for download.

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