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Commercial kitchens and corporate food services 2023

Event Bau und Betrieb Großkuechen

Trends and efficiency for commercial kitchens and corporate food services

On September 26 and 27, 2023, the 5th annual conference “Construction and Operation of Commercial Kitchens and Corporate Food Services Austria” took place in Vienna. The main focus of the event was on the future of commercial kitchens and corporate food services. Among other things, successful concepts for common practices were discussed, and renowned speakers presented using best-practice examples. The industry event was organized by the Management Forum Starnberg. Additionally, there were ample opportunities for knowledge sharing and exchanging experiences.

The event reflected the future of commercial kitchens and corporate food services in Austria. The goal was to provide comprehensive and practical information to participants working in the areas of commercial kitchens, cafeterias, company food services, and communal catering.

EDITEL once again participated as a partner and provided insight into procurement processes with EDI. Under the title “Ready to eat with EDI,” David Hiersche, Director of Operation Performance at ISS Austria, delivered an expert presentation. At the exhibition booth, EDI solutions for corporate food services were also showcased.

Featured events

  • Commercial kitchen 4.0: transformation and digitalization
  • Sustainability: future-oriented operations in commercial kitchens
  • Change management: focus on employee leadership
  • Swiss trends: local cuisine, delight, and successful offerings
  • Service robots: Artificial Intelligence in the professional kitchen
  • Energy costs: concepts for enhancing efficiency and saving energy


  • Powerful presentations and networking
  • Tour of exciting projects
  • Exhibit hall featuring renowned companies

Conference’s target audience

This annual forum was aimed at kitchen managers, operations managers, F&B heads, caterers, purchasing and economic managers, specialist planners, dealers from sectors such as company cafeterias, hospitals, nursing homes, large-scale food services, catering service providers, event caterers, specialized schools, associations, student services, school kitchens, kitchens of government agencies and the public sector, service area restaurants, as well as remote kitchens from the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Grosskuechen 2023

5th annual conference “Construction and Operation of Commercial Kitchens and Corporate Food Services Austria”


David Hiersche ISS Leadership-Team

David Hiersche,
Director Operations Performance at ISS Austria

David Hiersche has been employed with ISS since 2009. Throughout his career, he has held numerous roles, starting in controlling, then moving to the operational management of subsidiaries in the aviation sector, leading up to his current role as Director Operations Performance as part of the ISS Austria leadership team. In his current capacity, David Hiersche, along with his team, is responsible for the ongoing development of core services – Cleaning, Technical, and Food – as well as Supply Chain & Procurement, Health & Safety, Quality & Sustainability, Digitalization, and Business Transformation. First and foremost, David Hiersche and his team focus on optimizing work processes to ensure the long-term success of ISS.

You didn’t have time to attend the event, but are interested in EDI solutions for corporate food services? No problem, our EDI experts will be happy to help. Contact us at sales@editel.at.

Portrait photo David Hierschner copyright Leadershipteam
Symbolic image copyright Management Forum Starnberg

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