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Wild about EDI!

Huber Wildspezialitaeten

Nothing but benefits

Thanks to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the seasonal business at Huber Wild Game Wholesale is running significantly faster this year. The EDI launch with Transgourmet was a great success, with more clients expected to follow.

Did you know that in the game meat business, 70 percent of sales are made between September and December? “Everything has to move especially fast during this time,” notes someone who knows the business inside out: Gerald Huber, who has been leading “Huber Wild Game Wholesale” for four generations. This was one of the reasons why Mr. Huber decided to introduce EDI in his ERP system this year. “What also motivated us was our retail partner Transgourmet, with whom we have been successfully working for nearly three decades.” EDI operations with Transgourmet have been running since August, and Gerald Huber evidently has no regrets about this step: “It’s the smartest thing to do, and I see nothing but benefits, both for us and for the client.”

A hunter’s salute to EDI!

Anna Hauer, who was responsible for the EDI connection to the BMD ERP system at Huber Wild Game Wholesale with the support of EDITEL, explains these benefits in detail: “Especially now, in this stressful peak season, we are seeing tremendous time savings. As soon as we pick an item with the MDE device, it is automatically integrated into BMD within minutes.” Ms. Hauer attributes the smooth functioning from the beginning primarily to “the good and reliable support from EDITEL throughout the entire project. Especially regarding the master data synchronization with Transgourmet, EDITEL took care of almost everything for us!” What Ms. Hauer particularly appreciated was “that our contact person at EDITEL always provided easy-to-understand and detailed information, so that even we as EDI newcomers always had a good grasp of what was happening.” To Ms. Hauer, expanding EDI operations to include more clients next year is an “obvious choice.” Here’s a hunter’s salute to that!

In brief

  • EDI integration into the BMD ERP system
  • Connection of the first major client via the EDI platform eXite®
  • Project coordination: ongoing coordination with BMD and Transgourmet
  • Used message types: ORDERS, INVOIC
  • Assistance and support by EDITEL during the entire project cycle

About Huber Wildgroßhandel GmbH

Logo Huber WildspezialitaetenLocated in Wels, Upper Austria, Huber Wildgroßhandel GmbH, now in its fourth generation, offers products from deer, roe, chamois, wild boar, hare, pheasant, wild duck, and partridge. To ensure the quality of their game products, Huber chills the game directly after the hunt, processes it immediately and freezes it. Among others, Huber supplies food service wholesalers such as Transgourmet and the wild game specialist “Wüdian”.

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