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EDI Communication for logistics service providers

Swift and reliable delivery

TKL delivers frozen goods and fresh goods to its retail clients such as REWE, Mpreis and Transgourmet within 24 hours. This is made possible thanks to consolidated orders both by the retailers and the manufacturers and translates into optimized procurement of goods regarding the logistics of frozen and fresh goods. The bottom line: as few deliveries as possible while achieving maximum availability for all products. Swift, error-free and traceable processing of all order and delivery processes is key. Therefore, all processes regarding incoming orders, merchandise receipt, delivery and invoicing are exclusively handled electronically via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Data exchange is in very good hands with the EDI platform eXite® by EDITEL. It allows us to reach all our clients via a single connection, which reduces complexity and ensures that the hundreds of thousands of orders we receive every year are processed smoothly. Wilhelm Leithner, Managing Director.

Optimized logistics services with eXite®

To exchange electronic logistics information with business partners and clients, TKL relies on the EDI platform eXite®. Every year, the temperature-controlled logistics provider exchanges four million EDI transactions including orders (ORDERS), despatch advices (DESADV), invoices (INVOIC) and inventory reports (INVRPT) with manufacturers, retailers and other service providers. Thanks to eXite®, all TKL needs is a single connection.

Planning services via EDI

In addition, TKL offers planning services to its manufacturers. Depending on the client, TKL will either take care of all planning processes or will provide the manufacturer with electronic data relevant for restocking. All manufacturers can use TKL’s logistics platform KUNDIS to get updated inventory information for their products, along with projected reach and restocking volumes. Typically, TKL will take care both of storage and shipping. For best results, shipping capacities are optimized from pickup at the manufacturer’s to delivery at the central storage facility. eXite® is used for order processing.

Benefits thanks to EDI at TKL

  • High level of process automation
  • A single connection for all business partners
  • Short response times for client orders
  • Helps avoid manual entry and related potential errors

About TKL


TKL’s corporate history is closely linked to the introduction and evolvement of ice cream and frozen goods on the Austrian market and dates back to 1927: the first ice cream bar on a stick was introduced to the market under the brand name “Eskimo” by the company Miag. TKL specializes in temperature-controlled logistics and has roughly 520 employees at 3 storage and 15 transshipping facilities throughout Austria. The corporation has its own fleet of approximately 180 delivery vehicles used in secondary distribution as well as 70 semitrailers for primary distribution. Overall, TKL delivers 157,000 tons of frozen goods, fresh goods and dry goods to clients in retail and F&B outlets, relying on three distribution centers for storage.

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