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EDI Integration for Figlmüller

The situation

All merchandise deliveries to the seven geographically dispersed locations of Figlmüller were previously done exclusively via paper despatch advices. It usually took a long time until these paper documents were available at headquarters and then manually entered into the system. This process made invoice review a time-consuming and tedious task.

The solution

Thanks to the additional transfer of electronic despatch advices (DESADV) via EDI, all merchandise-related information is now immediately sent directly to Figlmüller’s centralized system. This approach makes it much easier and faster for employees to review the invoices issued by suppliers because no manual data entry is required. Other than the one-time cross-check for master data regarding new products, there is absolutely no additional work for Figlmüller.

Thanks to EDI and the EDITEL support team, we optimized our merchandise receiving processes quickly and effortlessly. Ultimately, we end up saving a lot of time and effort. Dieter Repolusk, director of controlling.

EDITEL supported Figlmüller during the course of the entire project, especially during the implementation of the technical interface and in all aspects of collaboration with suppliers.

EDITEL’s converting service processes and delivers the newly issued and reviewed EDIFACT despatch advices to Figlmüller’s internal system. The system went live two months after the project kick-off and has been very well received by all parties.

Benefits thanks to EDI at Figlmüller

  • Same-day availability of despatch advices at headquarters
  • No more tedious manual entry of despatch advices
  • Makes invoice review a breeze
  • Frees up a lot of time for key tasks at the controlling department

About Figlmüller

Figlmüller is one of Vienna’s most traditional restaurant chains. Founded in 1905, the two restaurants located in downtown Vienna (Wollzeile and Bäckerstraße, respectively) serve their famous schnitzels to approximately half a million diners every year. Hans and Thomas Figlmüller have spearheaded the company since 2004. They now oversee a total of five restaurants in Vienna and two at the Vienna airport. Their restaurant concept lives up to today’s high dining expectations when it comes to quality and innovation.

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