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EDI e-Invoice & Digital Archiving for MPREIS

The challenge

The growing number of suppliers and the resulting amount of invoices and invoice items considerably increased the workload for the manual inspection of paper invoices at the item level. Because paper and electronic invoices have legally had the same status and validity since 2013, the time was right for retailers to optimize their invoicing processes. MPREIS was one of the first companies in its industry to replace its billing with electronic, standardized and automated processes.

In the current phase of the project, we process approximately 1,000 INVOIC messages every month, completely paperless, and the number is likely to increase. While switching from paper invoices to electronic invoices required time and thorough communication on our side and on part of Initial, our supplier, the effort is paying off for all parties and will surely work very well in the long run. Martin Tscherner, Head of project.

The solution

The company introduced invoice control software and adapted all internal processes and suppliers to electronic invoicing via EDI (Electronic Data Exchange). In an effort to meet legal requirements regarding the eligibility of invoices for VAT purposes, MPREIS chose the internal management procedure. Based on an external tax auditor’s suggestion, MPREIS also decided to use an electronic archive for all electronic invoices. In order to guarantee a smooth implementation process, MPREIS used the archiving solution provided by its existing EDI service provider EDITEL, whose EDI platform eXite® was already in use for the electronic exchange of invoices. During the course of the entire project, EDITEL provides support not only to MPREIS, but also assists the company’s suppliers as part of EDITEL’s roll-out management. The ultimate goal is to ensure successful and time-efficient implementation for all parties.

The result

More than 50 suppliers are already using all functionalities of the system. They only send electronic invoices to MPREIS, who in turn checks and archives them automatically as well. The status of all invoice documents can be viewed at any given time. If needed, PDFs are available, even for archived invoices. The EDI platform eXite® goes beyond ensuring the safe transmission of electronic invoices: it allows MPREIS to reach all business partners via a single connection. MPREIS plans to switch more business partners to electronic invoicing. In addition, MPREIS supports its suppliers by keeping location data in the location finder up to date. This allows suppliers to access all warehouse addresses, GLNs, phone numbers and many other pieces of information, online and 24/7.

Benefits thanks to EDI at MPREIS

  • Efficient invoicing process
  • All processes can be tracked, especially for invoice checks
  • A single connection to the EDI platform eXite® for all business partners
  • Advice and support by EDITEL during the entire course of the project, also available for suppliers


MPREIS is the largest privately owned employer in Tyrol. With a staff of 5,500 employees, the company runs 238 MPREIS stores, 16 of which are located in South Tyrol, 17 in Salzburg, 13 in Carinthia and one in Vorarlberg. In addition, MPREIS operates 161 BAGUETTE bistro-cafés. The retail company has more than 250 local suppliers from Tyrol. According to a 2014 study by IMAD, MPREIS is the most popular grocery store in Tyrol.

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