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EDI Services for PepsiCo

The challenge

To communicate with its major trading partners, PepsiCo has been relying on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for many years. This also includes electronic invoicing (e-Invoice), which had previously been done mostly with large retailers. However, PepsiCo also works with a large number of trading partners that do not use EDI. Since communication with them requires additional channels, the workload is high and processes are prone to mistakes. The next step in the corporate electronic communication for PepsiCo was to find a solution for electronic invoices designed to be used with small trading partners. An additional challenge was complying with different country-specific requirements regarding electronic invoices in Hungary and Czech Republic. Especially Hungary called for a special solution because the Hungarian government requires, since January 1, 2016, the implementation of a software function for auditing purposes as well as generated documents to be in XML format.

Our goal was to find an electronic invoicing option that did not require our small trading partners to implement any technical infrastructure and that would easily comply with all formal and legal requirements in different countries. PDF e-Invoice is the perfect option for us and EDITEL is a highly experienced partner for its implementation. Milan Peremsky Solution Delivery Lead.

The result

PDF e-Invoice allows PepsiCo to send electronic invoices to all connected partners big or small. PDF invoice documents are sent via eXite®, the EDI platform by EDITEL. This process involves no additional work for clients and/or invoice recipients. For PepsiCo, this solution translates into considerable savings in terms of work, time and money because additional paper invoices become obsolete, mistakes are kept to a minimum and the entire invoicing processes is sped up. Also, all invoices are archived in an audit-proof manner in the EDITEL archive and can be accessed as needed. In addition, the use of PDF e-Invoice also offers several highly useful “control mechanisms” such as analyses/ reminders for invoices that have not yet been retrieved or automated reminder e-mails, all designed to ensure a safe invoicing process.

Benefits thanks to EDI at PepsiCo

  • Compliance with international invoicing legislation
  • No technical requirements for small partners
  • Easy access to invoices via e-mail
  • Saves time, resources
  • Speed up invoice process
  • Reach all trading partners via one connection

About PepsiCo CZ Ltd.

PepsiCo CZ Ltd. is part of PepsiCo Inc. For the Czech market, PepsiCo produces and distributes non-alcoholic beverages such as Pepsi, Mirinda, 7up, Mountain Dew, Rockstar, Evervess, Schwip Schwap and, since 2000, also TOMA brand products. The potato chip brand Lay’s is also an integral part of Pepsi Co’s portfolio.

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