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EDI Services for
REWE International AG

EDI pioneer

In the past two decades, REWE International AG has consistently invested in CEE markets. The company was also among the first to pioneer the use of EDI by expanding its EDI infrastructure to this region. To achieve that, REWE needed an EDI solution that went beyond just providing maximum service quality. It also had to be flexible and efficient when it came to meeting the technical requirements of their headquarters, local retail stores and business partners.

Our successful collaboration with EDITEL goes back 25 years. When it comes to expanding our EDI network, we know we can rely on the top-notch professionalism and in-depth expertise of EDITEL experts. Dipl. Ing. Norbert Bures, Director of IT and Organizational Affairs

Top-notch EDI services

The collaboration between REWE International AG and the eXite® Business Integration Network by EDITEL is a flagship project for the optimization potential inherent to EDI. As REWE International AG expanded its business, eXite® was refined on an ongoing basis. It is now the main platform used for exchanging business data with retail stores and business partners at REWE International AG. Regional EDITEL subsidiaries support these processes locally. All procurement of goods processes are processed in a fully automated way via the highly available connection between eXite® and REWE International AG’s EDI center. This allows for maximum efficiency and sustainability across the entire supply chain management.

A single connection for all business partners

eXite® gives REWE International AG a centralized distribution node for all business partners working in central and eastern Europe. Several million electronic business transactions involving more than 1,000 national and international suppliers and business partners are exchanged via eXite®. In line with EDITEL’s “one-stop shop” philosophy, individual service agreements with local EDI service providers are a thing of the past. All providers receive electronic data directly via the high-performance network eXite®.

EDITEL is a reliable partner for our roll-out in Austria and in other countries where REWE International AG does business. As such, EDITEL plays a decisive role for the successful completion of this EDI project that is very important for us.” Mag. Sabine Thaler, division manager in charge of organizational affairs and project management

Partner management for REWE International AG

REWE International AG recently started a large initiative designed to dramatically increase EDI penetration at all international retail stores. The project focused on the expansion of EDI communication with suppliers already connected to the system as well as the incorporation of new suppliers. The ultimate goal is 100% EDI penetration in all countries where REWE International AG does business.

Benefits thanks to EDI at REWE International AG

  • Efficient supply chain management
  • Single interface for all business partners
  • Seamless integration of national and international partners
  • Secure and highly available EDI network

About REWE International AG

REWE International AG, with its 2,500 retail stores (BILLA, BILLA PLUS, PENNY, BIPA and ADEG), is one of the largest companies in Austria’s FMCG industry. The company has 75,000 employees in both Austria and abroad who work at 3,600 retail stores. REWE International AG is part of the German REWE Group, one of Europe’s leading retail and tourism corporations. The headquarters of REWE International AG are located in Wiener Neudorf, Austria. From its headquarters, REWE International AG coordinates all EDI activities for its retail stores in Austria and Italy as well as Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

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