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Modern EDI logistics at Yusen Logistics


In today‘s world, EDI is a crucial tool in the supply chain. It streamlines processes, enhances collaboration between supply chain participants, and enables near-real-time automated data exchange. Swift information flow is a game changer in this industry.

Yusen Logistics is a global logistics powerhouse, a member of the NYK Group, one of the oldest and largest logistics organizations worldwide. The company has a presence in 19 European countries and has been active in the Czech and Slovak markets for 20 years. Yusen Logistics offers clients a wide range of logistics services, including warehousing, distribution, air and sea freight, road transportation, and various other supply chain solutions. From the outset, the company prioritized optimizing Electronic Data Interchange with its business partners. That‘s why Yusen Logistics chose EDI solutions from EDITEL CZ to guide its business processes.

Comprehensive EDI Communication with Yusen Logistics‘ partners is ensured through a specialized EDI application equipped with its own database. This is integrated into the company‘s infrastructure, ensuring high-quality management and control of data flows within their system. A crucial component of the solution is the bidirectional data conversion from the UN/EDIFACT format to Yusen Logistics‘ internal format.

The EDITEL CZ team designed specific conversion plans to seamlessly integrate data from exchanged documents into the Warehouse Management System (WMS). The implementation took place in several stages, encompassing various message types:

  • DESADV messages (despatch advices) were both sent and received
  • INVRPT messages updated suppliers on current inventory levels
  • INSDES messages (shipping orders) were received

Specifically for the automotive sector, additional conversion plans were designed to relay specialized messages like DELJIT and DELFOR. These provide insights into the precise sequence of deliveries in the Just-in-Time (JIT) mode and the delivery schedule.

An integral component of the solution is the eXite_link communication module for direct interaction with the eXite® network. This supports all its services and functionalities, offering a secure communication channel for transmitting electronic documents in the UN/EDIFACT standard on EDITEL‘s international communication platform, eXite®.

Today, EDI technology fundamentally enhances transparency and control over the company‘s logistical processes.

About the company

Yusen-Logistics-logoYusen Logistics (Czech) s.r.o. has been operating on the Czech market since 2002 and has since established itself as a major logistics player. The company currently employs over 650 professionals across eight branches in the Czech Republic and two in Slovakia, managing more than 88,000 m2 of warehouse space. Backed by a robust international organization, Yusen Logistics offers unique logistics solutions paired with advanced information management. The company provides top-tier services across the entire supply chain.

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