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OMV boosts its supply chain efficiency with EDI


For many drivers, a trip to the petrol station isn’t just about filling up the tank. It‘s also a chance to access various amenities that enhance our overall travel experience.

With 140 stations in the Czech Republic and nearly 100 stations in Slovakia, OMV isn’t just a petrol station operator, but a leading provider of multifaceted service centers. Refreshments such as daily fresh treats, cold and hot meals, a broad selection of beverages as well as premium coffees are always available at OMV stations. But to consistently deliver top-quality products across all these outlets, it‘s crucial to have seamless, efficient, and rapid processes for digital document exchanges – that‘s where EDI comes in, working hand in hand with trusted suppliers.

”We needed an experienced partner for the expansion of EDI in Slovakia and the new launch in the Czech region. EDITEL has more than risen to the occasion, so we‘re eager to deepen our partnership as we recognize the immense potential EDI holds for us.“ Nándor Majzik, Senior Expert IT Coordination & Demand Manager OMV CZ/SK/HU

EDI – the common language of petrol stations and their suppliers

For OMV, the reliable transfer of standardized EDI documents has become indispensable. Indeed, EDI has long been a staple for OMV in Slovakia. For many years, OMV has been exchanging thousands of ORDERS (EDI orders) and INVOIC (EDI invoices) messages monthly with a variety of suppliers, including manufacturers and distributors of fine gourmet goods like baguettes, sandwiches, and beverages, all through EDITEL‘s services. Over the past year, EDI operations in Slovakia have been gaining further momentum and relevance thanks to an expanding partnership with BILLA, one of the primary suppliers for the petrol station chain. Thanks to our eXite® Business Integration Platform, EDITEL serves not only as the technical backbone for EDI transmissions but also as a go-between during the rollout and testing of EDIFACT structures for orders and invoices. The use of both EDI orders and invoices is streamlined since all products at OMV service stations in Slovakia are directly owned by OMV, making them the direct billing contact for suppliers.

EDITEL: a trusted partner

OMV‘s subsidiary in the Czech Republic launched its EDI implementation in early 2023. This move was primarily driven by the need to automate foundational business interactions with major Czech suppliers. However, the key difference compared to Slovakia is the business model. In the Czech Republic, OMV predominantly uses a model of standalone service station operators who handle the retail sales of products and refreshments. As a result, each operator acts as an individual billing entity. For its EDI deployment, Czech OMV is focusing on the adoption of DESADV (electronic despatch advice) messages. This expedites the goods receipt process at specific petrol stations, integrating seamlessly into the unified station cash register system. This blend of EDI messages ensures optimal efficiency. JIP východočeská a.s. has become a pilot EDI partner for OMV in the Czech Republic. Thanks to swift and cooperative efforts, ORDERS have been rolled out at select OMV stations and DESADV message testing has concluded. Following the Slovakian approach, OMV in the Czech Republic has integrated EDI with BILLA, with the first ORDERS tests already underway.

Growing in the food and premium snacks segment

In 2016, OMV introduced its acclaimed Fairtrade coffee to Europe, placing a significant emphasis on its grab-and-go snack selection. The assortment was expanded to include fresh-made sandwiches crafted from recipes by the renowned Italian chef and restaurateur Emanuele Ridi. As OMV continues to modernize and revamp their station interiors, the quality of their snacks and coffee has taken center stage, underscoring the company‘s dedication to customer satisfaction.

About the company

OMV-logoCompany OMV originally known as Österreichische Mineralölverwaltung (ÖMV), is an Austrian conglomerate established in 1956 and headquartered in Vienna. The company primarily specializes in oil refining and fuel production. Across Central Europe, OMV boasts a network of over 2,500 petrol stations under its brand name. As one of Europe‘s premier companies, OMV operates in 13 countries and provides employment for over 34,000 individuals. By October 1991, it had opened its first station on the D1 motorway in Pávov, then operating under the ÖMV brand. OMV’s growth in the Czech market included the acquisition of BP retail and petrol stations network in 1998, followed by a comprehensive redesign and rebrand of all sites. The first-ever IONITY fast-charging station in the Czech Republic was inaugurated at an OMV service station in 2019, and dozens of PrePoint fast-charging stations are currently being rolled out, courtesy of OMV‘s collaboration with PRE.

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