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Would you like to stay up to date in all things EDI? Are you looking for specialized events that revolve around EDI? And are you also interested in EDITEL’s client projects? Would you like to read media reports about EDITEL and Electronic Data Interchange? Or are you looking for answers to specific questions our experts have addressed in our blog entries?

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DESADV on a new path

“We would like to receive the despatch advice ahead of time or as soon as possible.” According to Sabine Puwein, who was the responsible project manager at Coca-Cola HBC Austria at the time, “accommodating our business partners and clients is a top priority for us,” which is why this suggestion was promptly implemented. | read more Icon: arrow-right

Rođendan: Proslava godišnjice EDITEL-a Mađarska

Anniversary year at EDITEL Hungary

EDITEL Hungary is celebrating its 10th anniversary in business in 2018. A lot of things have happened in this time: EDITEL has fully established itself as a brand for successful B2B communication and lives up to its reputation as a high-expertise EDI service provider, with eXite® as one of the most widely used EDI platforms in Hungary. | read more Icon: arrow-right

All about finance

It was the year’s most outstanding industry get-together for finance experts. From May 22 to 24, more than 2,000 finance executives in banking, system providers and news agencies met to learn about the latest banking products, systems solutions and tendencies in the world of finance. | read more Icon: arrow-right

Rajo Meggle EDI integracija

DESADV: one for all, and all for one

It all started ten years ago with the introduction of a simple web EDI solution for a single customer. Since then, the Slovak company Rajo, a subsidiary of the German dairy product manufacturer Meggle, has grown into an internationally renowned company. As the production volume increased, the EDI infrastructure also grew. | read more Icon: arrow-right

edi cs cargo reference b2b

When two becomes one

The Czech logistics service provider C.S.CARGO focuses on those industries that could no longer do without EDI: the automotive and FMCG industries. An increasingly important requirement in these industries is flexibility for handling different file formats and communication protocols. | read more Icon: arrow-right


Sweet EDI

The Slovak I.D.C.Holding has a very hands-on approach to the optimization of its procurement of goods processes. I.D.C. handles the EDI processes of four subsidiaries in Slovakia as well as those in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. To make it all possible, the company relies on the in-house solution by EDITEL. | read more Icon: arrow-right

Intervju Marlovits CEO EDITEL

Interview EDITEL CEO

Overall, I believe that we are moving towards 360-degree networks. Whether it’s with clients, suppliers or other service providers, we always see ourselves as “builders of digital bridges” among businesses while offering maximum quality and convenience. And that is true no matter the size of a company, its industry or focus. | read more Icon: arrow-right

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