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Would you like to stay up to date in all things EDI? Are you looking for specialized events that revolve around EDI? And are you also interested in EDITEL’s client projects? Would you like to read media reports about EDITEL and Electronic Data Interchange? Or are you looking for answers to specific questions our experts have addressed in our blog entries?

Our info zone offers all this and much more. Explore the world of supply chain management, digitalization and Electronic Data Interchange.

EDI Services for CCH Austria

The primary focus is the full automation of procurement of goods processes, ranging from orders and despatch advices to invoices. Dussmann, EUREST, Sodexo and Interspar Restaurants are just a few companies and supply chain partners of CCH who have successfully introduced EDI. | read more Icon: arrow-right

EDI u dm drogerie markt

EDI Rollout for dm drogerie markt

The long-standing collaboration between dm drogerie markt and EDITEL revolves around the international EDI hub eXite®. For more than 15 years, dm has relied on this highly reliable infrastructure and benefits from the international reach of eXite®, just like 15,000 other companies. | read more Icon: arrow-right


This year, 550 billion invoices are expected to be printed around the world. According to the “2019 Billentis Study,” roughly 90 percent of these invoices are still paper invoices. Gerd Marlovits, the CEO of EDITEL Austria, calculates that a full transition to EDI could save at least 495 billion sheets of paper for invoices alone. | read more Icon: arrow-right


E-Invoicing Exchange Summit

Participants at this global platform get in-depth information about recent developments and future trends in the field of E-Invoicing. One of many highlights will be the keynote on e-Invoicing processes at SPAR Österreichische Warenhandels-AG, held by Daniel Schuster, Head of e-purchasing/B2B projects, SPAR Österreichische Warenhandels-AG, Austria. | read more Icon: arrow-right

Slovnaft to capitalize on the benefits of EDI

Slovnaft experienced the use of these EDI modules as very beneficial, and in cooperation with experts at EDITEL, was looking for ways to streamline its processes even further. Slovnaft identified significant potential, especially regarding delivery notes for goods (the so-called dispatch advices). | read more Icon: arrow-right

EDI – from a cosmetics perspective

For CURA, EDI also plays an important role in its international business. “There is no faster flow of documents between two systems than in EDI transactions,” said Gerhard Kaiser. The company uses EDI for invoice processing with a total of five countries via the payment provider MARKANT. | read more Icon: arrow-right

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